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voltWALL, based in Sydney, Australia designs, manufactures and supplies energy storage systems and related software. The company was founded in the fall of 2016 by Aldo Grech, who was inspired to start the company based on his hands-on experience converting his 1974 Citroen DS to an electric vehicle. voltWALL’s core product is an advanced, user-friendly, multi-application energy storage module called the ‘blade’ that offers solutions with greater flexibility in either stationary or mobile energy storage applications. To introduce the xBlade to the market, voltWALL is offering the voltWALL Signature 14kWh and 210kWh Industrial stationary energy storage products which will utilize the xBlade technology.

A single voltWALL Signature is ideal for a 100sqm (approx. 1000sqft) standard apartment, condo, or small home. It contains 14 individual, 1 kWh, xBlade modules each managed independently and as a whole by the voltWALL Signature enclosure. For larger homes, homes with EV charging, or other increased electricity consumption multiple voltWALL units can easily be connected together to provide expanded capacity. voltWALL Industrial is a 210kWh unit which can also be interconnected with other units as well, for larger MW+ deployments. The modularity of the underlying xBlade module allows for easy maintenance and warranty replacements of a single module rather than the whole system, allowing voltWALL to effectively service the systems in the field and provide exceptional customer service without excessive costs.

In the future, voltWALL plans to expand to the electric vehicle market, continuing to utilize the xBlade module technology. In the electric vehicle market these modules could have significant advantages over the current technologies on the market. The first advantage is that they could allow for simple battery swapping, without requiring additional technologies or the assistance of a mechanic. The modules are lightweight, and only those that require charging would need to be swapped. Another advantage is that xBlade would allow EV owners to add battery modules to their car, when necessary for longer trips, while reducing weight and increasing efficiency for daily driving. This would also allow EV manufacturers to keep the costs for their vehicles low by providing base models with additional slots to extend range. These applications of voltWALL’s technology are still in development, but they present a real opportunity for the EV industry to embrace a different business model that may drive the cost of ownership down and voltWALL looks forward to developing partnerships with innovative, forward thinking organizations to achieve these goal.

voltWALL is led internationally by Aldo Grech, an experienced electronics engineer based in Sydney, Australia. In North America, voltWALL is represented by experienced cleantech professional, David Gower via his firm New Clean Earth based in Binghamton NY. voltWALL is truly committed to sustainability including, when possible, valuing local partnerships and suppliers as well as local market presence for manufacturing. We take a sustainable, longer-term view, and are actively looking for ways to form the foundation of our business practices on sustainable practices. We are in discussions to partner with a NY cell manufacturer to begin production of the xBlade module-based systems. voltWALL recently joined NY-BEST, and increased their focus in New York State, and look forward to being another important piece in the state’s energy storage industry.

“NY-BEST has and continues to help in introducing our revolutionary energy storage solution to the market. From strategic advice in market approach, suggestions and assistance in developing the right partnerships, and guidance on grant and funding opportunities, NY-BEST has the knowledge, connections, and commitment to help us advance our opportunities.” - Aldo Grech, Founder voltWALL

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Jun 12, 2018

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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Albany, NY 12203

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E: info@ny-best.org