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WEG’s battery energy storage solutions (BESS) business is developing grid-scale projects in the U.S. and providing turn-key equipment and services around the world. The team (acquired in February 2019 from Northern Power Systems) has been designing and building battery systems and other distributed energy resources for over 40 years. Its facilities in Barre, VT (co-located with the WEG wind technology group) provide a nexus for targeted commercial efforts in New York and New England.

WEG Electric Corp, founded in Juragua do Sul, Brazil in 1961, is a global solutions provider of industrial electrical technologies. WEG products and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services include electric generators, wind turbines, solar, hydropower, battery energy storage, controls, transformers, and drives. WEG U.S. is headquartered in Duluth, GA and includes 9 facilities around the country.

During its long history as a leading supplier of electrical equipment for utility and industrial customers, WEG has established a strong track record of growth through a commitment to world class manufacturing and technology innovation. Investments in new markets and new regions have allowed WEG to establish operations on 5 different continents and investments in new technology led to an expanding product offering. In recent years WEG has specifically targeted the energy sector by adding transformers, wind turbines, and PV solar projects to its growing list of offerings. In the case of wind and solar, WEG is not only manufacturing equipment but is also providing turn-key solutions including full EPC contracts. The addition of the battery energy storage business is a continuation of this energy focused product strategy.

Specifically, the BESS team is offering fully integrated battery energy storage solutions that combine WEG’s inverters, controls, and transformers with best in class lithium batteries in climate controlled containers with all monitoring and safety systems built in. WEG also provides a warranty wrap and performance guarantee for the complete system. The flexible product architecture allows for modular solutions from the sub-MW to the multi-MW size range. Typical applications for peak shaving, grid stabilization, or renewable energy firming fall in the 1MW- 5 MW power rating with 1 to 4+ hours of storage capacity depending on use cases.

In this new and dynamic space, WEG offers a consultative approach to help configure a system that meets the performance and financial goals for each customer. WEG has also teamed up with several financial partners to create financing options or an Energy Storage Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where customers can sign up for energy storage as a service rather than make a capital investment.

According to Perry Scartozzi, WEG’s New York Regional Sales Manager, “Working with NY-BEST has been a tremendous accelerator to establishing WEG as a tier one supplier of Battery Energy Storage equipment and projects in New York. Their understanding of the industry and complex regulatory landscape has helped us fine-tune our offerings to leverage the value streams available in New York. Their staff has been very responsive in helping us identify partners and projects.”

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Aug 13, 2019

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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