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Based in Brooklyn, NY, Voltaiq, Inc. provides data visualization and analytics tools for companies that manufacture or use batteries. Voltaiq’s tools track energy storage devices from early R&D through their lifetime in the field in order to increase productivity, drive innovation, and improve performance and reliability. The data from these tools can help users deliver batteries to market faster, create more efficient products, and harness the power of data to predict failures and extend lifetime, which is especially important in public safety and utility applications.

The Voltaiq Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) informatics platform provides battery intelligence via a fully-encrypted, secure private cloud. Its cutting-edge software provides a single collection point for battery data offering instant access anywhere, all on one easy-to-use platform. Having Voltaiq at their fingertips helps customers boost efficiency and cut costs, all while improving product performance and reliability.

Battery performance can make or break a product. Issues with lifetime, performance and reliability drive dissatisfaction, while battery failures in the field can have serious and even dire consequences for end-users. This makes battery intelligence — including the ability to accurately monitor and predict battery failure — critical for developers and users alike.

Whether it’s storing the energy New York City needs to shine brightly through a storm or ensuring the systems our military and law enforcement rely on are ready when they need them, boosting the latest consumer gadget ahead of the competition or paving the way for affordable electric vehicles of the future, battery intelligence is key.

"Voltaiq is an enabler in the energy storage industry,” said Dr. Tal Sholklapper, CEO of Voltaiq, “Start-ups like fellow NY-BEST members and customers, Urban Electric Power and NOHMs Technologies use our software to get their products to market faster. Industrial companies in the consumer electronics and automotive sectors rely on us to ensure reliability and safety of products. But no industry understands the necessity of predictable and reliable performance better than energy storage, and with our platform, Voltaiq can provide confidence in those systems, turning your battery from a liability into a competitive advantage.”

Voltaiq’s platform works with all types of batteries and can be utilized by any battery OEM. The company is also highly attuned to the needs of battery application developers working on electric vehicles, distributed and utility energy storage systems, and consumer electronics.

Voltaiq deploys secure private cloud servers for each of its customers, with layers of data encryption at upload, on the server, and at point-of-use. Customers can access their data using any web browser on any computer or mobile device. The Voltaiq platform runs parallel to existing systems and can be installed for new customers in just a matter of days without any disruption to ongoing operations.

Voltaiq is funded by a mix of institutional and private finance, as well as by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.


Aug 1, 2016

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