NY-BEST Member: Urban Electric Power Incorporated
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URBAN ELECTRIC POWER INCORPORATED LLC (UEP) is commercializing energy storage products based on recent innovations in zinc anode rechargeable battery technology developed at the City University of New York (CUNY) Energy Institute. Our batteries have a unique combination of enhanced performance, extended lifetime, low-cost and environmentally sustainable materials that will allow us to compete in several existing and growing energy storage markets – in particular automobile starting batteries. With support from ARPA-E, NYSERDA, the New York Power Authority and Consolidated Edison, the City University of New York (CUNY) Energy Institute has developed an advanced zinc (anode) alkaline battery, which can be charged, discharged, and recharged thousands of times. The key innovations that have enabled a high performance environmentally safe battery with greater lifetime, lower cost, and less weight than lead-acid batteries, are the unique electrode formulations and structures which eliminate dendrite growth at the zinc anode, which cause short-circuits, and prevent damaging materials changes in the cathode. The technology has been licensed exclusively to Urban Electric Power LLC (UEP), which is commercializing the technology and deploying systems under contract to the New York State authorities.

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