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Unique Technical Services LLC (UTS), based in Smithtown, NY, is an engineering services company that provides development and prototyping services for the transportation market. UTS was formed in 2012 to focus only on advanced and renewable technology service in the transportation and the power generation industry.

UTS’s team members have been in the electric and hybrid electric vehicle market for nearly 20 years with extensive experience with both hardware and software.Its project managers, engineers (ME, EE, CS, IE) and technicians are experienced with a variety of advanced vehicle platforms and applications for on-highway and non-road use. Its platform experience covers non-road, light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles. UTS is focused on providing engineering knowhow to people and organizations that need help in any phase of product development or product service life.

UTS has been involved in a variety of projects related to energy storage. Acting as prime contractor, UTS pulled together a team of industry partners which was awarded a NYSERDA grant to study the feasibility of building an all-electric bus for operation in New York City. During the course of this project, UTS has been gathering operational data from the MTA and combining it with UTS’s vehicle simulations to determine required levels of performance from energy storage, propulsion, and support systems. UTS will then consulted with its project partners to determine the feasibility of developing an electric vehicle to meet these requirements, given current and foreseeable technologies. The company has recently been awarded a project to build an all-electric bus for New York City.

In another project, UTS’s principals and its partners were awarded a NYSERDA grant and teamed up with the NYC MTA to investigate systems to capture braking energy on electric powered subway and commuter rail systems.Using test equipment and techniques developed in-house, they evaluated and modeled a number of energy storage technologies for further consideration. The project combined operational data from the MTA with home-grown analysis models to gauge the effectiveness of each technology in a range of scenarios. The end result was a report, outlining a series of recommendations for the most effective and reliable technologies for the application. UTS is pursing a follow on project to prototype an energy storage system based on these findings.

UTS worked on the development of various types of technology for transportation including the testing and evaluation of sodium nickel chloride batteries and a commercialization program for ultracapacitor modules for use in electric buses and trucks. As part of this work, the company is building a plug-in hybrid electric school bus with Suffolk Transportation Services that utilizes both sodium nickel chloride batteries and ultracapacitors.UTS has also been awarded a NYSERDA grant to commercialize its ultracapacitor-based energy storage system.

Joseph Ambrosio, General Manager at UTS said “We are proud to be members of NY-BEST and are honored to have the ability to participate in the great work they are doing in NYS and nationally. In addition, we applaud the leadership shown by NYSERDA's R&D Programs and the Governor's StartUP NY incentives in developing our industry, which enables our company grow and provide more jobs for New Yorkers! “

UTS’s team has been awarded a number of patents in a wide range of topics in advanced transportation technologies. These include vehicle charging, monitoring and control systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, battery enclosures for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, battery management systems, and hybrid drive systems.

UTS is a woman-owned business and is a resident at the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University. Its team of in-house staff and partner organizations seeks to seamlessly integrate into its clients’ operations for short- and long-term projects. Its expertise includes establishment of design criteria, specification of components, subsystem design, communications and control design, packaging, and electro-mechanical integration. UTS is a powerful resource for New York’s advanced transportation industry.

May 29, 2015

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