Turner Construction Company Member Spotlight
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Turner Construction CompanyTurner Construction Company is the largest construction management company in the United States, with a construction volume of $9 billion in 2013.  As a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the largest green builder in the country, Turner Construction Company has a strong commitment to sustainability.

The company emphasizes education and training for all staff and works to improve its ability to deliver green buildings to its clients.  Because of these efforts and the reputation it has established as a leader in the field, more than half of Turner’s sales between 2009 and 2013 were seeking green certification. In addition, Turner has a set of sustainability standards for its offices and job sites. 

Turner sustainable standards in establishing a site-specific Indoor Air Quality plan and a Construction Activity Pollution Prevention plan.  “Our aim is to be environmentally responsible citizens – and, in fact, we are,” said Michael Deane, Turner’s chief sustainability officer. Discussing the firm’s first, formal commitment to sustainable practices in 2004, he continued, “When we set out to cut our energy consumption by five percent, the only tools we had were our electricity bills and information from our building management companies.” Beginning with the promise that all office renovations would comply with energy efficiency standards, and adding increased awareness and education about sustainability, improved usage monitoring, and even a spirit of friendly competition between offices, Dean said, the company has met, and in many cases exceeded sustainability goals.

Turner is committed to sustainability through improved corporate governance and through rigorous and transparent reporting of environmental metrics.  The company has implemented a wide range of sustainability practices including reducing greenhouse emissions, seeking LEED Certification for Turner offices, installing energy dashboards that measure usage in real time in select offices, and implementing a Construction Waste Management plan that has resulted in the diversion of more than one million tons of construction waste from landfills since 2005.

As of early 2014, Turner had 800 green buildings completed or under construction. Of those, 353 are LEED certified and 261 are seeking LEED certification. Turner also leads the industry in LEED accredited staff, employing 1,400 LEED APs and LEED Gas, of which 205 work in the company’s New York City, Albany, and Buffalo offices.

Henry Turner founded Turner Construction Company in 1902 in New York City.  Some of its early projects were concrete staircases for the New York City subway system and the Robert Gair Building, which was the largest reinforced concrete building in the US at that time.  Over its history, Turner has played a role in the construction of many New York City landmarks, including the United Nations Secretariat, Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center and Yankee Stadium.

The company maintains a network of offices in North America and around the globe, with a staff of 5,200 employees who work on more than 1,500 projects each year.  Turner has been a builder in upstate New York for ninety years.  With more than 120 employees across the Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse offices, the northern New York business unit combines the accessibility of a local firm with the strength and resources of a national corporation.  Notable green projects in Upstate New York include the SUNY Buffalo School of Engineering, RPI’s EMPAC center, the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Administration Building, and the Trustco Bank Center at Siena College.

Turner continues to embrace emerging technologies, update and refine processes, and offer an increasingly diverse set of services to its clients.  As the country’s leader in green buildings, Turner Construction Company is sure to be part of the evolution of our energy infrastructure as microgrids, distributed energy resources and energy storage become standard elements of how our buildings work.


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