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SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY (SU) is a leading academic institution engaged in education, research, technology development and community engagement in arts, science, technology, policy, communications and law. SU has an established tradition of innovations in science and technology, contributing to societal benefit. SU is actively engaged in renewable and sustainable energy research and testing, including battery and energy storage technologies. Faculty from SU's LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science and College of Arts and Sciences conduct research on materials, smart algorithms, fuzzy logic and related areas, critical to the development of battery and storage systems. One example of recent work is a project, funded by US DoE, for development and field testing of a large-scale battery storage systems. In this project, SU engineering faculty will collaborate with the local utility to deploy a test battery installation which will be live load-tested for an extended period time on SU campus. Environmental Chambers at SU is a key resource available for testing battery performance under varying real-world conditions, from Alaska to Florida. Syracuse Center of Excellence (CoE) headquarters (HQ) building, in downtown Syracuse, has built-in capability to deploy and test performance of building-scale battery and storage systems. The CoE HQ building is also in the process of designing and installing one of the first vehicle park-and-recharge facilities in New York State. SU science, engineering and Maxwell faculty, in collaboration with other upstate New York university faculty, are also actively exploring research into future battery systems.

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