Sendyne Member Spotlight
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SendyneSendyne, headquartered in New York City, is a fabless semiconductor company that develops technologies for grid-scale and EV energy storage systems. The company is focused on solving some of the critical cost and performance issues associated with large-scale storage, through advancements in electronics and system simulation tools. Formed in 2010, Sendyne released its first product, the SFP100, in the late summer of 2013. The product, an integrated circuit (IC) designed to perform highly accurate battery pack current, voltage and temperature measurement, was named by EE Times and EDN as one of the candidates for best analog product of 2013.

Precise battery measurement is not the only field in which Sendyne is active. In partnership with Gamma Technologies, Sendyne recently announced a breakthrough technology platform for comprehensive electric and hybrid vehicle simulation.  This new platform provides a total Electric and Hybrid Vehicle multi-physics simulation, including engine, vehicle, electric machines, cooling, and after-treatment systems, along with a Compact Physical Model (CPM) based virtual battery pack designed by Sendyne.   Understanding the battery and being able to simulate it was an early priority of the company, as simulation speeds up development of every system and component that involves batteries. Sendyne takes a unique approach to modeling, based on the expertise of its chief technical advisor, Professor Yannis Tsividis of Columbia University.  Professor Tsividis is a pioneer in the modeling of the MOS transistor.  As a battery installation with hundreds or thousands of cells resembles an integrated circuit with thousands or even millions of gates, he used his knowledge to guide the development of a compact physical model for battery cells that can be used not only to simulate accurately each cell, but also to interface easily to other electronic and mechanical simulation packages.

Sendyne includes in its ranks some of the veterans in the development of the Smart Battery System which is used today in most portable devices. This successful industry initiative required a holistic system approach in order to achieve the cost and performance targets required for widespread adoption of the technology; Sendyne is taking a similar holistic approach to the battery system.  To this end, Sendyne is working on the total power delivery of a battery-based system in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Laboratory for Power Management and Integrated SMPS. Recently they jointly announced an integrated power conversion and cell balancing circuit that achieves higher performance while at the same time reducing the size (and cost) of components. This circuit is especially useful in tablets where space is of prime importance.

“Making far more efficient use of our energy resources is one of the central challenges of the 21st century.  This challenge cannot be met until energy storage becomes robust, reliable and cost-effective – and therefore ubiquitous,” said John Milios, Sendyne’s CEO.

An innovative young company headquartered in New York City’s historic Tribeca neighborhood, Sendyne is helping energy storage to become a central technology in the electrical grid and in vehicle transportation.


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