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S&C Electric Company Inc
., based in Chicago, designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution applications. Its products include automation products, insulators and custom components, energy storage systems, fusing equipment, handling tools, metal-enclosed switchgearand switching equipment. The company also provides extensive services to support the planning, engineering, construction and long-term asset management of complex power system projects. S&C serves electric utility, wind and solar energy, data center, commercial and industrial, pharmaceutical, health care and semiconductor sectors around the world.

S&C addresses challenges facing the world’s power grids and helps shape the future of reliable electric delivery. The mission of the company is to continually develop new solutions for electric delivery, fostering the improved efficiency and reliability required for the intelligent grid. S&C sets itself apart from other energy storage solution providers by pairing its expertise with its extensive knowledge of utility power systems.

The company’s energy storage systems use S&C’s field-proven power electronics technology to provide rapid response to changing system conditions.

S&C’s portfolio of PureWave® storage management solutions (SMS) range from 25 kilowatts to multi-megawatt capacity systems. The PureWave SMS is a flexible system used for grid applications such as peak shaving, load following, islanding, renewable integration, voltage regulation, frequency regulation and facility power protection. S&C’s PureWave system currently connects 100 percent of the grid-scale sodium-sulfur batteries installed in the United States.

S&C’s community energy storage system, the PureWave CES, provides 25 kWof stored energy at the residential level, enough capacity to supply power to a group of utility customers for the duration of most power outages. Deployment of these units on a broad scale will significantly help improve grid reliability and efficiency while also maintaining a small footprint.

Utilities are particularly drawn to S&C’s medium-sized, 250-kW SMS, because it is large enough for many smart grid applications yet also small enough for frequency regulation and voltage-smoothing needs.

S&C is participating in a number of significant energy storage projects. In Texas, the company built one of the most advanced microgrids in North America for Oncor, a major electric transmission and distribution company. In Australia, S&C is providing 20 of its PureWave CES systems for the utility support systems at Ergon Energy. The CES will be used to improve power reliability and efficiency on constrained single-wire high-voltage distribution lines. The system’s lithium-ion batteries will charge at night when demand is low, and will then be discharged to support peak load demands, reducing or even eliminating the need for the utility’s customers to limit electricity use during peak periods. S&C is also a participant in Europe’s largest battery-storage project. The 6MW/10MWh Smarter Network Storage Project in the UK will assess the role of energy storage in supporting the UK’s Carbon Plan. S&C Electric Europe is the lead supplier to the $29 million project.

“Energy storage increases the grid’s reliability, efficiency and capacity. As storage technologies rapidly evolve, they continue to prove how vital they are to a smart low-carbon grid, particularly in the area of renewable energy integration, says Troy Miller, senior manager – Business Development & Product Management, Power Quality Products, S&C Electric Company. “We think private-public partnerships, like our partnership with NY-BEST, are crucial to unlocking new technologies, growing the energy storage market and building a smarter energy future for our communities.”


May 15, 2015

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