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Renewable Energy Systems (RES), based in Broomfield, Colorado, provides development, engineering, construction, and operations services to the energy storage, solar, wind, transmission, and demand side management markets across the Americas. The company has developed and/or built over 10,000 MW of utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects worldwide making it one of the top renewable energy companies in North America. Its role in various projects ranges from development and engineering functions all to way to ownership and operation of installations.

RES has completed twelve energy storage projects comprising more than 85 MW of flexible resources with a total plus/minus range of more than 170 MW and 53 MWh of storage capacity. The projects are in seven different energy markets and make use of battery technology from five different vendors. The RES energy storage portfolio includes systems performing a variety of functions including frequency regulation, infrastructure upgrade deferral, microgrid operation, and peak reduction. The most recent completed project is the McHenry Storage Project, in McHenry, Illinois. The project, owned by EDF Renewable Energy, began commercial operation in December, 2015. RES served as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the project, which includes eleven containers of lithium ion batteries manufactured by BYD. The overall system has a 20 MW nameplate capacity and provides 40 MW of flexible capacity.

RES completed two other commercial, stand-alone energy storage projects in the Chicago area in 2015: the Jake Energy Storage Center in Joliet and the Elwood Energy Storage Center in West Chicago. Each of these systems have a 19.8 MW nameplate capacity and can store 7.8 MWh of energy. They are self-contained energy storage system containing thousands of individual battery cells, power conditioning equipment, and safety and monitoring systems. This modular approach greatly improves system reliability and increases the simplicity of the projects’ construction and operation. The projects received preferred equity investment from the Prudential Capital Group who owns them along with RES. Both of the systems are interconnected to the Commonwealth Edison Company electric grid and provide real-time frequency regulation service to the PJM ancillary services market. These systems also make use of battery storage modules supplied by BYD America. RES has additional energy storage installations under construction, including ones in Clinton, Ohio and Glacier, Washington. The Glacier project will be capable of providing up to 18 hours of power during any outage for the core area of the town. The project is also capable of performing peak shaving as well as increasing power grid flexibility for the local utility, Puget Sound Energy. The system supports greater integration of renewable generation, such as wind and solar power.

RES energy storage installations make use of RESolve, the company’s advanced energy response operating system platform. Applied at every level of the battery system, its standards-based architecture supports a ‘least-cost’ procurement approach that improves asset life and reduces operating costs. In developing RESolve, RES applied its extensive experience with grid-connected generation feeds, enabling the company to provide grid support and protection management to keep energy storage systems online safely, and for longer. All the energy storage projects that RES operates use RESolve.

“Energy storage is moving past being a “potential game changer” and is quickly becoming a viable, reliable, and economic resource that can provide services across just about every asset class that interacts with the electric grid,” said John Fernandes, Director of Policy & Market Development, RES. “With reasonable shifts in policies and continuous advancements in technology, storage will become a standard mechanism by which industry participants, system operators, regulators, and end-use customers can realize their energy objectives within an overall modernized grid.”

RES has been active in North America since 1997, and has a renewable energy and storage construction portfolio that exceeds 10,000 MW and over 160 projects, as well as 600 miles of overhead and transmission lines. In addition, RES has a robust development pipeline of wind and solar projects across North America, and the company currently operates more than 250 MW of renewable energy and storage projects. RES’ first project was the 60 MW Cameron Ridge wind farm in Tehachapi, California in 1999. In 2001, the company co-developed and constructed the 278 MW King Mountain Wind Ranch in Texas, the largest wind project in the world at the time. In 2006, RES Americas financed and completed construction of its first ownership asset in the U.S., the 60 MW Whirlwind Energy Center in Texas. In 2008, RES completed its second owned project in Texas, the 166 MW Hackberry Wind Farm. RES maintains regional offices in the U.S: in Austin, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and San Francisco, California. As well as having developed and/or built over 10 GW of renewable energy capacity worldwide, RES has an asset management portfolio exceeding 1 GW.


May 9, 2016

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