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Quadristi LLC, based in Rochester, NY, is an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) company, a certified UL 508A panel shop, and specializes in power and condition monitoring applications. The company has a team of seasoned professionals that includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, CAD designers and more. Quadristi has worked in the utilities, transportation and industrial industries including multiple battery industry projects and work for the electric vehicle manufacturers.

The company’s work includes build-to-print manufacturing of SCADA systems, automation/control systems, robotics integrators, fluid sensing analyzers, gas analyzers, and food processing equipment. Quadristi is experienced in working from initial customer designs and turning them into effective products. The MPS 36 product is an example of taking a customer’s wish list and turning it into a real product.

As an ODM company, Quadristi offers turn-key secondary power systems for applications in many industries. Some examples include battery backup and condition monitoring systems for commercial fire protection equipment as well as for utility applications. The company also produces secondary power systems for motive power applications as well as for Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) gateway networking equipment.

Quadristi has developed its own intellectual property for monitoring and managing power systems of various types. This IP includes technology for battery monitoring and alarm functions and integration and system integration of LiFeMgPO4 and lead acid batteries. The company’s recent platforms integrate lithium chemistries, replacing hundreds of pounds of lead acid and glass media battery systems in a small portable package.

Quadristi is involved with the electronic vehicle industry through its MPS 36 product. The MPS 36 is a high performance, 36V portable power system, supplying secondary power for electric vehicle manufacturing floors in OEM applications. Designed to deliver high-power bursts, the MPS 36 provides an industry leading solution in a lightweight, highly safe, and portable system. Redundant safety and controls systems ensure safe and reliable operation. Real-time system operating information is communicated via optional CANbus for easy monitoring. The MPS is currently available in 36V systems with 24V and 48V under development

The company’s overall expertise extends into a wide range of power and condition monitoring functions including power distribution, process control, motor control and variable frequency drive systems, control panel build, secondary power and monitoring, operator consoles, and protective relays.

Quadristi is an industry leader that works with major US companies to design and manufacture custom products. Founded in 2014, Quadristi is pleased to be an ongoing contributor to New York’s energy storage industry with projects involving battery monitoring & alarms, battery integration and portable power applications.

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Feb 22, 2017

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