NY-BEST Member: Primet Precision Materials, Inc.
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PRIMET PRECISION MATERIALS INC is focused on the critical need for improved battery performance in applications ranging from consumer handheld devices to electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Today's battery and device designers are limited by the performance of the materials that are available to them. Primet is applying its process technology and materials science expertise to optimize the performance of existing materials and lead the discovery and development of the next generation of cathode and anode materials to enable the advanced battery performance that society demands. Our patented NanoScission(TM) process technology allows for the discovery, design and production for a wide range of materials via environmentally-friendly routes. It allows for the design of highly-engineered materials with exceptional control of particle features including size, composition and morphology. These characteristics greatly influence the electrochemical performance of electrodes and batteries made from these materials. The flexibility of our NanoScission process allows Primet to economically scale production from grams to hundreds of tons while preserving these desirable features.

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Larry Thomas, President & CEO

607.277.0700 ext 352


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