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O’Brien & Gere, headquartered in Syracuse, New York, is a nationwide provider of advanced manufacturing, energy, environmental, and water services to industrial, municipal, Federal, and higher education clients. As a leader in energy solutions, O’Brien & Gere develops comprehensive energy programs for industrial and private as well as public sector clients. Over recent years, it has emerged as a fully integrated engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm with $225 million in revenues and extensive experience in energy systems, including advanced energy storage and microgrid applications.

To address the evolving energy resource challenges of its clients, O’Brien & Gere works with emerging technology firms, performing technology readiness assessments, pilot demonstrations, unit scale ups, and integration with existing infrastructure and manufacturing build out. The company continues to expand its capabilities in bio-product and advanced energy storage technologies through work with such clients as the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as in technology readiness assessments for emerging flow battery energy storage systems for private clients. When demonstrations and pilot installations are complete, O’Brien & Gere is also adept at accelerating to full production, providing EPC services on projects in the high-tech battery market, including General Electric’s $170 million scale up of its Durathon Battery manufacturing plant in Schenectady, New York.

“Our strategy is to focus on leveraging our demonstrated capabilities and brand as an integrated consulting and EPC firm, a differentiator for O’Brien & Gere,” said Jim Fox, O’Brien & Gere Chief Executive Officer. “As we continue our commitment to innovation and integrating emerging technologies into comprehensive systems, we will continue to provide advanced energy storage and microgrid solutions that will improve the nation’s energy infrastructure resilience.”

O’Brien & Gere has several current projects related to energy storage and microgrids. In New Jersey, the company is designing and deploying a resilient microgrid for a municipal complex as part of Public Service Electric and Gas’ (PSEG) Solar 4 All™ program. The microgrid will integrate 480 kWh of energy storage and a 1 MW photovoltaic array for the local fire and police stations in the event that the grid supply is interrupted by occurrences like Hurricane Sandy. When the system is not in use for contingent supply services, the PV system will contribute to PSEG’s renewable portfolio requirements, while the energy storage solution will provide ancillary services to the PJM Interconnection.

Another one of O’Brien & Gere’s current projects involves a contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Power Technology Office to integrate energy storage into the Maui High Performance Computing Center in Hawaii. The project is to install an advanced energy storage and management system at the high-tech research facility. By demonstrating sustainable microgrid concepts and technologies in an operational environment, this project will assist the U.S. Air Force in moving toward net zero bases and energy independence, reliability, and security.

In addition to its efforts in energy storage and microgrids, O’Brien & Gere delivers energy services in the areas of power reliability and resiliency, central utilities and infrastructure, distributed generation and renewables, and energy efficiency and heat recovery. More broadly, the company provides a range of engineering consulting and project management services throughout the United States, including wastewater management and water resources, environmental compliance and remediation, civil and facilities engineering, and utility services.

O’Brien & Gere, which employs 900 scientists, engineers, construction, and other personnel, operates a network of 27 regional offices in about a dozen states. The company’s project delivery methodology with its project management capabilities, training programs, health & safety record, overall project performance, and numerous rankings among the nation’s top design and construction firms, makes O’Brien & Gere a go-to company for integrated, innovative, and sustainable solutions.


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