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Navitas Systems, headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois, designs, develops, and manufactures energy-enabled system solutions and energy storage products for commercial, industrial and government agency customers. Its products include customized energy storage solutions for motive, idle-reduction and defense related applications; custom renewable energy integrated power systems; and a variety of standard products like lithium-based lead-acid replacement batteries.

Navitas offers large-format batteries for a range of high-power and high-energy lithium technologies, battery management systems with custom hardware/firmware and communications, chargers and inverters, and power management systems for handling multiple loads, multiple power sources, and renewable energy components. The company’s ruggedized lithium energy storage products are the designed for any high-performance multi-cell battery application that requires lower weight, reduced volume, greatly increased cycle life, higher efficiency, and environmental durability.

Ruggedized lithium battery products for military and industrial markets are a major business area for Navitas. Its Ultanium™ military vehicle batteries can be used in tanks, Humvees and tactical vehicles. These lithium batteries are also ideal for a variety of other heavy-duty off-road vehicle applications. These batteries are intended as replacement for conventional lead-acid batteries and provides additional capabilities well-beyond the “SLI” (starting, lighting, ignition) functions of the older batteries.

The Centurion™ battery system is aimed at mission-critical indoor stationary applications such as backup power for critical systems and in microgrids. These systems provide a zero-emission alternative to diesel generators for customers who must have power at all times, such as data centers and hospitals. These systems are available in a rack mount version to be integrated with rooftop solar and other distributed generation systems and provide a combination of renewable energy with energy storage.

The Frontierion™ product is a transportable off-grid power system that takes power from solar arrays and other sources, stores it in a battery system, and converts it to conditioned AC or DC power. The ruggedized system is 100% portable and rated for outdoor use.

The PowerForce™ lithium auxiliary battery system is designed to eliminate excessive idling in vehicles such as ambulances and other emergency vehicles. It provides key-off battery support for onboard electronic systems thereby saving significant amounts of fuel without diminishing performance.

Navitas also produces a variety of products for motive battery applications, including battery systems for specialty electronic vehicles, personal mobility devices, scooters, forklifts, material handling equipment, and others. The StarLifter™ line of forklift batteries is designed to replace conventional lead acid batteries and is the first qualified heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries for Class I and Class II forklifts.

Mil Ovan, president of Navitas, notes that “Navitas Systems is a proud member of NY-BEST. NY-BEST was instrumental in bringing us together with both Raymond Corporation and NYSERDA to fund the Raymond/Navitas partnership to evaluate our Starlifter lithium forklift battery in a high-intensity cold storage application.”

Navitas is headquartered in a 100,000 square foot facility in Woodridge, Illinois. In early 2012, the company acquired the Government Solutions Group of lithium battery manufacturer A123 Systems. As a result of this acquisition, Navitas has at its disposal exclusive licenses for the use of over 300 patents and a suite of electronics IP developed by A123 Systems.The acquisition included a highly regarded research and development staff as well an automotive experienced engineering staff. With this acquired major research facility located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with strong local and offshore partners and solid financial stability, Navitas is well positioned to continue serving the energy products and power electronics needs of major worldwide customers.


Dec 15, 2015

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