Benefits of Membership
Members get informative policy updates and a voice in influencing policies, laws and regulations affecting the energy storage sector. Members also have a role in determining NY-BEST’s organizational leadership and strategy as we seek to enhance the battery and energy storage industry in New York.
Members are recognized as leaders and receive advisory services to help them connect with others in the energy storage industry, to form teams to compete for funding opportunities, and offer tips on proposal writing. Members have access, through NY-BEST's extensive network, to other industry leaders, key researchers, investors and market drivers. They also receive publicity and promotion on the NY-BEST website, newsletter, marketing materials and events.
As a member, you receive up-to-date information on new research, advancements and technological breakthroughs. NY-BEST also provides assistance locating testing and prototyping facilities as well as coaching services from our expert staff.
Members of NY-BEST receive timely information about funding opportunities for advanced batteries and energy storage. They also receive discounted rates at NY-BEST conferences and events.
Change The Way The World Uses Energy

Thank you for your interest in joining the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST). NY-BEST seeks to position New York as a global leader in energy storage technologies and is helping to capitalize on New York’s existing technical and industrial capabilities to bring together industry, start-ups, engineering firms, academic institutions, government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, and stakeholder groups.

Companies and organizations with operations in New York State as well as those outside of the State are welcome to join and gain access to all the resources NY-BEST has to offer.

Join as an academic, not-for-profit or government entity
Join NY-BEST as a Corporate member & allow for over 1,000 employees to utilize NY-BEST's offerings
No longer with a company? NY-BEST offers individual memberships at a discounted rate
Start-Up Company
Organizations with fewer than 25 employees and less than 5 years in business
NY-BEST offers individual memberships to students at a discounted rate
Policy Leadership Circle Optional Upgrade
All members can join the NY-BEST Policy Leadership Circle through an optional upgrade of $10,000 year
Pricing Overview
NY-BEST Annual Dues Structure
Corporate Organizational Members $2,000
Academic, Government and Non-Profit Organizational Members $1,000
Start-Up Organizations $1,000
(fewer than 25 employees and less than 5 years in business)
Student $25
Retiree $50
Policy Leadership Circle Optional Upgrade $10,000

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