NY-BEST BRIDGE Program BannerThe NY-BEST BRIDGE Program is a business assistance program for battery and energy storage companies in New York State.

BRIDGE stands for “Business Resources to Innovate, Develop, Grow and Excel” and through the NY-BEST BRIDGE Program, NY-BEST is providing energy storage start-ups and businesses the tools and resources they need to successfully grow their companies. The Program was made possible through funding support from National Grid.


BRIDGE Program Services

Participating companies and ventures will receive direct one-on-one assistance from NY-BEST’s expert team. Our services are provided at no cost to participating companies and include the following:

  1. Helping new ventures with promising technologies and innovations to form companies;
  2. Providing technical insights and critiques on new technologies being developed;
  3. Assisting with business plan development and execution;
  4. Sharing the latest information and analysis on energy storage markets and trends;
  5. Advising companies on how to prepare new products for commercialization;
  6. Facilitating access to the State’s unique energy storage product development and pilot manufacturing resources;
  7. Providing companies with avenues to public and private funding;
  8. Helping companies identify, locate and connect with potential partners, suppliers and customers;
  9. Making connections with small business assistance and economic development resources in New York State; and
  10. Providing on-going assistance, advice and guidance on challenges faced by energy storage start-ups.

Participating companies will receive services through regular one-on-one meetings with our expert team, as well as through webinars and other NY-BEST sponsored meetings. NY-BEST will protect confidential and proprietary information of all program applicants and participating companies. 


Learn More

NY-BEST BRIDGE is a Program of NY-BEST. 

For more information, contact us at bridge@ny-best.org


Apply Today

Energy storage companies, start-ups and ventures located in New York State are eligible to apply for the program.

We will review your information and will make a determination on your readiness for the BRIDGE Program. 

Companies and ventures accepted into the BRIDGE Program must agree to meet the Program’s minimum performance requirements, program milestones and reporting requirements.

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