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Lux ResearchLux Research is an independent research and advisory firm providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence for emerging technologies.  The company serves several hundred clients on six continents from offices in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  Lux Research combines technical expertise with business analysis, specializing in new energy technologies in such areas as energy storage, advanced materials, bio-based materials and chemicals and electronics.

The Lux Research Energy Storage Intelligence service focuses on multiple topics central to the growing new storage industry.  These include vehicle electrification, the relationship between energy storage and the adoption of renewable energy, the suitability of storage technologies for different applications, and a variety of critical topics from the perspective of the storage business itself.

As an analytical firm, Lux Research tracks innovation in energy storage by scouting technologies and companies in the sector.  For example, Lux seeks to understand the implications of new developments in such areas as lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and thermoelectrics with respect to current and future applications and markets.  Their in-depth research looks into both key technical details as well as issues that shape the markets for these technologies.  Their team of analysts includes many PhD scientists with technical expertise and significant industry experience.

According to Kevin See, Senior Analyst at Lux Research, "Now that the hype around energy storage has died down, the fact remains that there is a huge opportunity for growth of battery technologies in both transportation and stationary power. From start-stop vehicles to renewables integration, we focus on understanding what applications provide attractive opportunities, and identify innovations that can create a positive value proposition in these markets. Furthermore, we maintain a clear view of disruptive innovations that could drastically impact market adoption and possibly displace entrenched technologies like Li-ion and lead-acid in a variety of markets."

With respect to battery technologies, Lux Research covers lithium-ion batteries, advanced lead-acid batteries, flow and molten salt batteries, lithium-sulfur, metal-air, and solid-state batteries.  They cover a wide range of applications in detail.  In transportation, their analysis includes hybrid vehicles of all sorts, plug-in electrics, fuel cell vehicles, materials handling vehicles, and heavy transport.  In stationary storage, their reports cover microgrids, off-grid storage, backup and uninterruptable power, residential and commercial storage, and the integration of energy storage with renewable energy.

Lux Research subscribers receive detailed reports on key areas of the storage industry.  These reports include detailed company profiles that provide information on the history, technology, strategy and markets of firms that are making a difference in the industry.  The reports provide key metrics for the companies’ progress in their technical fields and product development.  They also provide insights into the key issues faced by the companies, whether those are technical, competitive, financial or macroeconomic issues.

Subscribers also receive Analysis Insights, which are short, focused pieces feature reporting on significant industry events and news items.  Apart from summarizing these items, these articles provide expert technical and market analysis and opinions on the significance and industry context of the news.

Lux Research provides its analysis of the energy storage industry across the entire value chain.  This includes information on industry participants involved with materials, components, devices, systems and applications as well as the interrelationships and dependencies among all of these things.

Lux Research generally provides two major topical reports on the storage industry each quarter.  Over the course of the year, these reports cover the entire breadth of this growing market.  As the energy storage market continues to expand, interest on the part of investors, potential participants, and others continues to grow.  Lux Research provides an important and highly valuable service to all of these stakeholders.


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