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Lionano, Inc., based in Ithaca, New York, is an advanced material manufacturing company commercializing drop-in replacement materials for lithium-ion batteries. The company’s proprietary, nano-engineered electrode material is designed to deliver improved energy density, enhanced cycle life, and substantially lower cost than other available materials on the market. Lionano has also entered into a worldwide exclusive agreement with Cornell University’s Center for Technology licensing for the development and production of an innovative drop-in anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

Based at the McGovern Center incubator at Cornell University, Lionano has already scaled up production of its patented Galvatrode™ cathode material to 50 kg per batch, verified the product via independent testing, and sold the product to major electric vehicle suppliers. The material is tailored for batteries used in EVs, consumer electronics and stationery energy storage. Certified third-party testing of the technology has validated energy density of 202-319 watt-hour per kilogram, which is more than twice that of currently-used lithium iron phosphate cathodes and 50% more than nickel-cobalt-aluminum oxide cathodes. The prototyping lab at the McGovern Center produces cathode material at a rate of over 30 tons per year with the majority of that volume sold to the company’s battery manufacturer customers.

Lionano currently has two cathode products available, the first-generation Galvatrode and second- generation Faratrode, both of which have passed commercial prototyping tests, Galvatrode consists of a high-nickel content mixture of transition metal oxide, features 
exceptional electrochemical capacity, and has been tested and validated by customers for use in EV 
applications. Faratrode offers superior electrochemical stability (similar to a conventional nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide cathode) and high tolerance to extreme temperature. With their 30%-50% improvement in energy density achieved with significantly reduced cobalt content, the Galvatrode and Faratrode materials have the potential to reduce manufacturers’ cathode costs by up to 50%.

Lionano has obtained an exclusive worldwide technology license from Cornell University for the commercialization of an advanced anode material. The drop-in material consists of a hollow structured metal oxide material than can substantially reduce the volumetric expansion of a conventional anode. Lionano tested the material in a scaled-up batch of more than 50 kg of material, and found that it demonstrates superior stability over 2,000 cycles. The hollow structure, with nano- and micro-scale properties, facilitates electron transfer and enhances structural robustness. The anode material, which the company calls Edistrode is currently under R&D. According to Lionano, The Edistrode line of anode materials can provide twice the capacity and three times the durability of graphite anodes with safer operability.

In an additional R&D project at Lionano, the Company has pioneered an all-solid-state battery capable of surviving high temperature and abuse testing. This all-solid-state battery provides 350+ Wh/kg energy density via a high capacity, high voltage cathode material coupled with a highly conductively polymer electrolyte, which suspends dendrite formation from the metallic lithium anode.

Alex Yu, founder and CEO of Lionano, Inc. notes "We are humbled to be part of the NY-BEST coalition to support the development of advanced technology for energy storage. It is Lionano's great honor and ultimate mission to bring world-class university research to a commercial product."

Lionano is led by a team that includes a recent PhD graduate in Chemistry at Cornell University, an MBA from Cornell's Johnson School, a distinguished Professor in electrochemistry research at Cornell University, and an experienced battery industry expert. According to the company, all of its materials are synthesized via simple, inexpensive, and environmental friendly processes, which can easily be scaled for EV or industrial storage battery production.


Apr 25, 2016

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