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Landis+Gyr, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, is a multinational corporation supporting utilities and consumers with energy management technology. Landis+Gyr is the largest global player in smart metering and provide metering solutions for electricity, gas, heat/cold and water. The company is a global brand with local presence in more than 30 countries. Landis+Gyr was acquired by Toshiba Corporation of Japan in 2011 and operates as an independent growth platform within Toshiba with a board governance structure.

Gridstream® is Landis+Gyr’s interoperable suite of solutions delivering proven advanced metering infrastructure, distribution intelligence and customer intelligence applications in a single secure and integrated platform complemented with professional services. Landis+Gyr’s comprehensive portfolio of smart grid solutions includes the µEMS solution for distributed energy resource management. It provides supply/demand control, overload protection, Volt/VAR optimization, demand response, renewable integration and supply/demand forecasting.

The company’s battery energy storage system provides utility scale storage for large-scale renewable penetrations, peak shifting and renewable smoothing capabilities, ancillary services, and grid hardening support. These systems make use of Toshiba’s lithium titanateSCiBTM batteries and Landis+Gyr is Toshiba’s pathway into the US battery storage market.

In 2014, Toshiba and Landis+Gyr teamed up with Duke Energy to install a 2 MW/0.8MWh battery energy storage system in New Richmond, Ohio. The system is primarily aimed at providing frequency regulation services on the PJM grid. In a second American project, Toshiba and Landis+Gyr have teamed up to supply Sumitomo Corporation and Renewable Energy Systems America with a 6 MW/2 MWh battery storage system to be used for frequency regulation in Hamilton, Ohio starting late in 2015. Earlier this year, the world’s largest battery storage system (40 MW/ 20 MWh) was commissioned by Tohoku Electric Power in Japan. That system was also supplied by Toshiba and makes use of the SCiB battery technology.

Landis+Gyr’s battery energy storage business unit, based at the company’s North American headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, is targeting utilities as its primary customers, as the company has deep and long-standing relationships with that industry. Toshiba is providing the battery technology and the knowledge base from its existing installations in Japan and elsewhere.

"The business cases for energy storage solutions are becoming more attractive as utilities and independent system operators discover new applications where storage can improve reliability and efficiency," said Mike Cooper, General Manager of Landis+Gyr's Distributed Energy Resource Solutions. "Landis+Gyr is excited by the potential in this market and we're working with our parent company Toshiba to prove the viability of these emerging applications."

Founded in 1896, Landis has over 100 years’ experience in providing products and services for the utility industry. This includes 60 years’ experience with direct load management and 25 years of experience with smart metering technology. The company has over 5,500 employees worldwide. As utilities increasingly embrace distributed energy resources including energy storage, Landis+Gyr is well-positioned to continue its leadership role in providing solutions for utilities.


Dec 1, 2015

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