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Ioxus, Ioxus based in Oneonta, New York, is a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for use in transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets.  The company offers the highest power and energy density ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors ranging in size from 100 Farads to 3,000 Farads.   With respect to energy applications, Ioxus has been able to solve problems for the hybrid automotive, hybrid bus, wind turbine pitch control, UPS, and industrial markets.  Its family of ultracapacitors is uniquely optimized for high performance with low resistance, ideal for delivering high power bursts for acceleration, energy recapture, peak load shaving and high power applications.

Ultracapacitors have very high specific power which is largely unaffected by temperature through their operational range. When ultracapacitors are paired with high-energy sources such as batteries, the combined system peak power can increase dramatically.  This makes them extremely useful in automotive and transportation applications.  In the past year, Ioxus introduced the new 1200 Farad (F) cell to its product portfolio. The 1200F cell is a high-powered energy solution that optimizes the performance of lead acid, AGM and lithium ion batteries in cars, tractors and motorbikes, enabling improved start/stop technology performance and serving as a reliable and cost-effective feature of hybrid engine vehicles.

The 1200F cell is designed for several applications within the automotive industry, including engine starting and cranking, transportation drive systems, and regenerative energy capture.  The cell was designed with high-shock and vibration applications in mind and boasts a variety of technical advantages such as 84% higher power density than comparable products, the lowest cell equivalent series resistance on the market, the highest power density, and a very long life of more than one million cycles.

Ioxus products are designed to be environmentally friendly for use in a range of applications. By simplifying integration with the use of packaged modules, Ioxus enables its customers to develop end products more rapidly, allowing for a quicker market adoption of ultracapacitor technology.  The company acquired Power Systems Co., Ltd in 2012.  The acquisition allowed Ioxus to expand its product offering to including both prismatic pouch cells (the THiNCAP® and THiNPAC® lines) as well as cylindrical iCAP® and iMOD® lines.  As a result, Ioxus offers both ultracapacitors and hybrid-capacitors, as well as chemistries with Acetonitrile (ACN) and Propylene Carbonate (PC).

“Our proven technology sets us apart from competitors and puts us at the leading edge of the burgeoning energy storage industry,” said Mark McGough, CEO, Ioxus. “Ioxus is growing at an unprecedented rate. Currently we are working on plans to hire more staff and expand our ultracapacitor design and manufacturing facility in Oneonta.”

Ioxus has seen substantial growth over the past several years, a fact that has been noted throughout the business community.  In 2013, Inc. Magazine ranked Ioxus number 935 on its seventh annual Inc. 5000, an exclusive list ranking the fastest-growing private companies in the US.  Its three-year growth rate was 467 percent, ranking it 38th among the top 100 energy companies.  The company was also ranked number 46 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™.  In addition, Ioxus was named to the prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100, produced by the CleanTech Group, which is a list of companies deemed most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years.

Ioxus combines IP-protected technology with significant design efforts and substantial R&D activities.  All of its cell manufacturing takes place in the United States and it is the only fully integrated ultracapacitor design and manufacturing facility in North America.  As a rapidly growing company solving problems for several important markets, Ioxus is one of New York’s leaders in the energy storage industry.



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