Invenergy Storage Development, LLC Member Spotlight
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Invenergy, based in Chicago, is North America's largest, privately held independent renewable power generation company. Invenergy develops, owns, and operates large-scale renewable and other clean energy generation and storage facilities in North America, Latin America and Europe. To date, Invenergy has developed more than 13,700 MW of utility-scale wind, solar, natural gas and energy storage projects. Invenergy’s energy storage business has been focused primarily on deploying li-ion based ESSs in the United States. However, the company is exploring opportunities with various battery technologies and pursuing storage projects in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, and Latin America. Invenergy’s expertise and background in developing large-scale generation facilities has provided a foundation for growing its storage business through industry connections, technical expertise, and direct project opportunities.

Invenergy’s 13 GW of assets -- of which wind power is the leading resource, followed by natural gas generation, solar PV and energy storage -- includes more than 8,800 MW of projects already in operation as well as over 4,800 MW in construction or advanced development. Invenergy describes itself as the largest privately-held owner and operator of advanced energy storage systems. Although the company primarily owns and operates energy storage assets, as it does with other generation plants, it can also offer multiple ownership models to customers. Invenergy acts as the project developer by securing land, managing interconnection processes, performing system integration, operating, and maintaining the project. Invenergy has integrated a variety of technologies (3 chemistries from 4 vendors) for their energy storage systems that are chosen to suit the needs of each application.

Invenergy has been quite active in the PJM market in North America where it has 68 MW deployed through five storage facilities. The Grand Ridge Energy Storage project – located in LaSalle County, Illinois -- received both the Energy Storage North America’s (ESNA) 2015 Innovation Award and Power Engineering and Renewable Energy World Magazine’s Best Renewable Project of 2015. These systems have some of the highest performance scores in PJM’s competitive frequency regulation market, and have operated profitably since beginning commercial operation. Grand Ridge is the world’s largest co-located wind, solar and battery storage facility and includes over 30 MW of battery storage.

Kris Zadlo, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Storage and Transmission at Invenergy, notes that "Invenergy is one of the earliest pioneers in advanced energy storage, and has been on the forefront of developing projects to enhance grid stability, reliability and resiliency. As renewable energy generation grows, the value of these services will increase and deployment will become more widespread.”

Invenergy and its affiliated companies continue develop, own, and operate utility-scale energy projects that include wind, solar, natural-gas fueled power generation as well as energy storage. The latest examples of large-scale renewable generation projects include the forthcoming Luning Solar Energy Center in Nevada which will have the capacity to generate 50 MW of power from over 200,000 PV modules. That facility is expected to go online early in 2017. Recently, Invenergy officially opened the Gunsight Mountain Wind Energy Center in Texas, which is a 120 MW generation facility featuring 67 GE 1.79 MW wind turbines. As more and more renewable generation projects come online, Invenergy sees growing opportunities for utilizing advanced energy storage on utility-scale projects and will continue to develop energy storage projects for a variety of applications and customers.


Nov 8, 2016

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