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Ideal Power Inc., based in Austin, Texas, has developed a novel, patented power conversion technology called Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA). PPSA improves the size, cost, efficiency, flexibility and reliability of electronic power converters. PPSA can scale across several large and growing markets, including commercial and industrial, as well as utility-scale energy storage.

PPSA provides electrical isolation without the need for a transformer, resulting in power conversion systems that are smaller, lighter, more flexible and more efficient than conventional versions. With PPSA, all the energy runs through and is temporarily stored in a high-frequency AC link consisting of an inductor and capacitor. Since the input and output are never directly connected together, this novel current modulation technique provides circuit isolation without the size, weight, cost, and efficiency loss of a transformer. These systems also have bi-directional DC and AC ports supporting both grid-tied and microgrid applications.

Ideal Power’s power conversion systems are well suited for solar and battery storageintegration because their multi-port design functions as both a PV inverterand a power converter for the battery storage system in just one unit ratherthan having separate PV inverter and battery converter components. They are also muchmore efficient since the PPSA technology minimizes the "double conversion" thathappens in conventional power converters.

Ideal Power has established itself as a leading provider of power conversion systems in the energy storage and energy storage+PV sectors with the system being selected by many industry leaders, such asLG Chem, EOS, Coda, Aquion Energy, Green Charge Networks and Sharp. Ideal Power’s equipment is part of Gexpro's new Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS). Gexpro, a subsidiary of Rexel Holdings USA, is a company with extensive global reach in the distribution of electrical supplies and services.

In Canada and the Northeastern US, the Sunwave Energy Efficiency division of ONEnergy is including Ideal Power products in a number of energy storage solutions that address multiple commercial and industrial applications including demand charge management, peak shaving, off-peak energy storage, renewables integration, power quality and emergency backup systems.

John Merritt, Director of Applications Engineering for Ideal Power notes that "New York will be a proving ground for the deployment of energy storage fromdemand management and frequency regulation to microgrid and backupapplications.Our power conversion systems are dramatically smaller, lighter, moreflexible and more efficient than the conventional transformer-basedtechnology. As a result, energy storage systems which incorporate ourproduct are much easier and cost-effective to deploy. A small overall systemfootprint and significantly lower installed costs are attractive to buildingowners and operators in places like Manhattan where space is limited andreal estate is expensive."

Ideal Power was formed as Ideal Power Converters, Inc. in 2007.By 2009, it had received its first US patent and over the next several years received funding from both state and federal sources to develop its initial commercial products. The company had its initial public offering in 2013 and with a growing list of customers and partners is well on the road to being a major player in the energy storage industry.


Jun 18, 2015

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