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Hollingsworth & Vose CompanyHollingsworth & Vose Company is a globally recognized leader in technically advanced fibrous composite and non-woven materials for battery separator, filtration media, and industrial applications with products sold in more than 80 countries.  H&V is privately held with headquarters in East Walpole, MA; 12 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and China; and sales offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. H&V has production facilities for battery separator products in Easton, NY (Washington County), West Groton, MA. the UK and China.

H&V is known for a long history of product innovation in response to customer requirements in existing and emerging technologies. A corporate culture of responsiveness to customer needs drives the development of value-added products and services. This responsiveness to customer needs, coupled with innovation, has resulted in H&V capturing U.S. market share for absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators, which are used for the most demanding lead acid battery applications.  H&V’s 30 years of experience in manufacturing AGM battery separators make it uniquely suited to undertake separator development, testing, validation and commercial qualification with battery manufacturers.

In automotive vehicles, the traditional role of the lead acid battery is to provide starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) functions.  Modern passenger cars have greatly increased electrical demand with additional systems such as GPS, displays, entertainment equipment, video cameras, collision avoidance systems, and other electronics.  H&V delivers AGM battery separators that ensure that batteries perform at optimum levels.  Their EnergyGuard® product provides 200% of the tensile strength and 320% greater puncture resistance versus standard glass mat separators.  These features make it ideal for high-speed automated manufacturing and for resilience in challenging environments.  H&V manufactures separators at regional mills around the world for fast delivery and local application.

Start-Stop micro-hybrids save fuel and reduce emissions by turning off the engine in place of idling. This innovation places new demands on car batteries, particularly with respect to partial state of charge management and charge acceptance. The duty cycles of a stop-start lead acid battery are much more demanding and require advanced design, manufacture and processing from suppliers to the industry.  H&V is positioned to supply separator technology to the automotive market based on already established industrial and telecommunications battery systems. The advanced designs for these systems can now be applied to the emerging stop-start micro-hybrid automotive market.

H&V has been the recipient of a previous New York State Department of Energy & Development Authority (NYSERDA) grant for micro-hybrid vehicle battery separator research, which was conducted in their NY facilities.   Currently, H&V continues to work with NYSERDA and NY-BEST support on micro-hybrid battery separator research.  H&V is a supplier of key battery separators for this cutting-edge technology. “We appreciate the support of NYSERDA and are pleased to be a member of NY-BEST, participating in this unique forum to bring industry, academia and government together  to foster innovation and research for the stakeholders of  the State of New York”, according to Kevin Porter, Director, Grants and Funding at H&V.

Established in 1843, H&V is recognized as the technology leader in the manufacture of specialty fibrous composite and nonwoven materials..  The company has a heritage of investment in research and development as well as manufacturing processes, and continually strives to advance the state of the art in technology, production, and quality by employing systems, such as Lean and Six Sigma and an internal customized Stage-Gate process (InnoHVision).  For over 160 years, H&V has combined high-quality raw materials, leading technical expertise, and a broad array of wet and dry manufacturing processes to create materials and media with the critical properties demanded by customers, from mechanical strength to precisely controlled pore structure.


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