Go Electric Inc. Member Spotlight
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Go Electric Inc., headquartered in Anderson, Indiana, with offices in Brooklyn, New York and Honolulu, Hawaii, develops customer side of the meter energy solutions that help facilities, communities, military bases and the grid be energy resilient. The company's energy solutions assure energy security, reduce energy costs, and enhance grid stability by integrating renewable energy, advanced batteries and generators into a turnkey microgrid.

Go Electric’s flagship system, LYNC DR®, is a patented AC-based, battery energy storage uninterruptible power system that is capable of auto-islanding sub-cycle and managing multiple distributed energy resources. LYNC DR® combines Go Electric’s patented AutoLYNC® microgrid controller and advanced inverter with Li Ion batteries and Open ADR 2.0b demand response software. Go Electric manufactures the microgrid inverter module at their facility in Indiana and procures batteries from OEM partners for the turnkey solution.

The AutoLYNC® microgrid controller operates the system in parallel to the grid and seamlessly integrates DERs, providing energy economic benefits such as peak shaving, power factor correction and load shifting. During a grid disruption event, LYNC DR® automatically changes its control status to grid forming, isolates the loads, and provides commutation to the renewables to keep them safely operating and providing added energy resiliency to the facility or military base.

LYNC DR® can be easily installed and scaled up, depending on the needs of the project. Multiple LYNC DR® sites are aggregated through the company’s cloud-based portal to serve a utility’s demand response program.

Go Electric was founded in 2011, by Lisa Laughner, a former Rolls Royce executive who previously led Rolls Royce Ventures. She has over 30 years of corporate experience and was joined in her endeavor by Tony Sovern and Alex Creviston, the company’s CTO and Chief Engineer, respectively. The company has grown since its inception, and now has more than 25 employees spread amongst its three offices.

Given their patented technology and experienced leadership, Go Electric Inc. is in a great position to flourish as the energy storage industry continues to grow. Their products give project developers a turnkey microgrid solution that can be scaled up depending on the needs of the project. The systems are developed to function parallel to, or isolated from, the grid allowing it to utilize the economic benefits that are becoming increasingly available through New York State’s REV initiative while also providing uninterruptible power to a facility.

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Sep 26, 2017

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