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Giner ELX


Giner ELX is a spinn-off of Giner Inc, focusing efforts in the largest commercial market opportunity brought about by Large hydrogen generation systems for grid-level Energy Storage, P2G and hydrogen refueling systems in the Mobility market Giner ELX has active sales reps in Europe, Africa, India and the Americas, with Collaboration with major US & European Partners Our main products start at 30Nm3/h (65kg/day) systems and grow all the way up to Multi-Megawatt (multi-TON of H2 generation per day) plants, serving large mobility (trains), 100% renewable energy islands, and grid leveling infrastructure.

About our Parent Company Giner Inc.- Giner with its world-leading PEM Electrochemical powerhoue, focused on PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology, with decades of experience and substantial Government and Private Industry investment. Giner Inc. was founded in 1973, and after being the leader in electrochemistry for several decades, begun selling thousands of PEM stacks and systems to military and commercial customers profitably every single year maintaining its now 46 years tradition. Among other accolades Giner is the only US company who has been awarded twice the DoE’s Merrit Review award as well as other Technology Awards from NASA and DoD.

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