G4 Synergetics Member Spotlight
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G4 Synergetics, Inc., headquartered in East Setauket, New York, is a developer of clean, ultra-high power bi-directional batteries.G4’s advanced nickel metal hydride (NiMH) design is primarily for high power-dependent applications, rather than high energy as most commercial cells are designed.

G4’s battery module features a unique construction with integrated air-cooling, BMS, and overcharge protection. The batteries have a low internal resistance, which enable them to deliver extremely high power and accept high rate charge.The design allows the batteries to be charged quicker (typically in 5 minutes) than conventional battery constructions. G4’s NiMH battery is capable of high C-Rates, with continuous operation at 8C-Rate and full charge/discharge cycles at 16C-Rate. G4 has characterized the rate dependency of their 25Ah 10 cell module at both charge and discharge rates ranging from 25A - 1C rate (1 hour charge or discharge) to 400A - 16C rate (less than four minutes charge or discharge).

The cells in G4’s batteries are modular and can be configured placing cells in series via stacking arrangements to provide the desired battery operating voltage with minimal resistance increase.Due to the modular nature of the design, stack size can vary to produce batteries with voltages ranging from 1.2V to 12V per module (nominal at C-rate).

G4 is a total solution provider as it provides both the battery and an integrated battery management system (BMS) for all applications. The battery management system regulates all aspects of battery charging and discharging to ensure that the battery operates both safely and efficiently. There are redundant mechanical and sensing mechanisms built into the module design to mitigate thermal runaway or overpressure risk during overcharge or overdischarge.

The company is targeting a number of different applications for this technology including hybrid line-of-road locomotives, electric buses that require ultra-fast recharge capabilities, grid storage, military applications, and a number of other high power/high temperature/long life applications.In these applications, the G4 NiMH battery design offers advantages in that it can deliver extremely high current drains, fast charging compared with conventional battery designs, reduced waste heat generation during charge and discharge, long cycle life utilizing a safe NiMH chemistry.

G4’s manufacturing facility is located in Alachua, Florida. With a proprietary technology, proven market acceptance, independent laboratory confirmation testing and production scalability, G4 Synergetics is uniquely positioned to help solve the challenges and opportunities of thermal management in high power battery applications.

Mar 17, 2015

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