Eonix Member Spotlight
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Eonix, based in Colonie, NY, is an early-stage energy storage company that has developed advanced ionic liquid electrolytes that can decrease the cost and size of ultracapacitors and increase their capacity for use in the hybrid-electric vehicle market and other applications in renewable energy. The company’s electrolyte compositions are designed to be drop-in replacements for current formulations used in ultracapacitors. The new electrolytes are the result of four years of ultracapacitor electrolyte research that has yielded a thorough, empirically-derived understanding of electrolyte stability in a variety of materials systems. This enables Eonix to optimize electrolytes with selected additives that maximize ultracapacitor performancetailored to client electrodes and end user applications.

Eonix electrolytes are designed for activated carbon based electrodes, which have the capability of significantly increasing the operational voltage window of ultracapacitor modules, thereby reducing the size and cost of modules. This high voltage window results from the greater chemical stability of the electrolyte in the presence of an electric field. The electrolyte has a smaller average ion size than conventional formulations, which allows it to fill electrode pores that were previously unavailable. In addition, this smaller ion size enables the formation of a thicker double layer resulting in greater capacitance. Furthermore, the smaller ion size not only increases energy density, but also results in a higher ionic conductivity, which dramatically reduces electrical series resistance. Eonix's first generation electrolyte and minimum viable product (MVP) has demonstrated a 30 percent increase in high voltage ultracapacitors, along with a wider temperature range than industry leading electrolytes that will enable new and expanded applications for electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs). Eonix’s pipeline electrolyte developments have a target voltage metric of 3.5 V specifically geared towards catalyzing a 40% ultracapacitor price reduction per cell.

Eonix had its origins at SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, from which it spun out as a start-up company in 2013. Eonix was one of only 30 companies (out of 200 applicants) selected to present at the 2014 National Renewable Energy Laboratories Industry Growth Forum (NREL IGF) in Denver, Colorado. The company has also received grants from NYSERDA and from NSF for the development of its unique electrolyte technology. Eonix won first place in the energy and sustainability track at the 2013 NY State Business Plan competition.

Don DeRosa, the chief technical officer at Eonix, observed that “Of the five companies asked to present at the NREL IGF on the energy storage panel, Eonix being one of them, four of the five were from New York State and NY-BEST members. For so many companies leading in energy storage to be from New York State is truly a testament to the impact NY-BEST has in helping NYS companies succeed and grow faster than their out of state counterparts. NY-BEST has been instrumental in helping our company forge critical partnerships both with New York based ultra-capacitor manufacturers and local chemical suppliers.”

Eonix collaborates with both device manufactures and end users extensively to access customer need and then translates that information into engineering products that meet individual customer performance and price metrics. The company’s revenue streams will come from manufacturing electrolytes, co-development contracts with customers, and state and federal research grants geared towards catalyzing a 40% ultracapacitor price reduction per cell. Coupled with strategic partners and relocation to the Eastman Business Park for production, Eonix is poised to disrupt the niche ultracapacitor electrolyte market.

Jul 24, 2015

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