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Enbala Power Networks, based in Vancouver, Canada, operates a real-time distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) that captures and aggregates available customer loads, energy storage and renewable energy sources and then optimizes and dispatches these resources to respond to the real-time energy balancing needs of the power system.

Among DERMS providers, Enbala is the only leading aggregator of distributed energy resources that uses intelligence coming from both centralized utility systems and the grid edge to optimize and control distributed energy resources for multiple benefit streams, including demand response, frequency regulation, contingency reserve, Volt/VAR optimization, renewable firming, ancillary services, voltage support, substation infrastructure capital expense deferral and more.

The Symphony by Enbalaä DERMS platform links distributed energy resources with distributed computing nodes located at a utility substation or other location. These devices then continuously communicate with the Enbala network operations center (NOC). Over Enbala’s secure, low-latency network, the localized computing nodes relay state information back to the NOC and execute the relevant optimization routine. The computing nodes host software for forecasting and optimization, resource control and dispatch, as well as energy market interfacing. These nodes use real-time information from each distributed asset to calculate optimal real and reactive power set points for each resource within the network. For utilities and grid operators, the network acts as a single, dispatchable resource to enhance system reliability and efficiency. The platform receives a control signal from the grid operator and continuously optimizes dispatch of the DER portfolio.

The Symphony platform creates what serves as a virtual power plant (VPP) that has the same ramp-up times as traditional peaking generation resources and which provides a single, reliable, always-on resource that can be dispatched just like a generator. In 2016, Enbala was named by Navigant Consulting as the world’s number one provider of VPP software and was cited for its VPP strategy, project portfolio, vision and product performance, quality and reliability. Enbala was also lauded for its ability to integrate a broad spectrum of mixed assets into the VPP mix.

Specifically related to energy storage, the Enbala platform is known for its ability to stack the values that accrue by combining batteries, with flexible load, solar and other forms of distributed energy and to help improve the economics and payback of battery investments. In a recent study, Enbala calculated how much value accrues by using batteries for demand response capacity delivered to California’s Independent System Operator (CAISO) as well as for demand reduction to lower energy costs paid by commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers.

Looking only at demand-charge reductions, the study showed that C&I customers would gain an annual average of $161 for each kilowatt of battery installed. When load control was added into the DER asset mix, however, the number increased $198 per kilowatt year. More detail can be found in this white paper describing how controlling multiple types of DERs, including storage, to participate in varied grid services raises ROI dramatically.

Enbala is working with companies around the world to leverage the power of distributed energy resources to achieve their grid balancing objectives.

  • ARPA-E: Enbala was selected by General Electric Global Research as a key partner in its DOE-funded ARPA-E Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems (NODES) project. The $3.9 million project’s objective is to create transformational distributed flexibility resource technology that aggregates responsive flexible loads and distributed energy resources to provide synthetic reserve services to the grid while maintaining high customer quality-of-service.
  • NYSERDA: Enbala is working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to implement a program aimed at hastening implementation of distributed energy resource management technology by small to midsized commercial and institutional businesses in New York State. The new three-year market transformation project reinforces the goals set out in New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) program, proving provides smaller businesses with a turnkey distributed energy management solution that allows businesses to bid into NYISO and ConEd demand response programs, while also reducing operating costs.
  • New Brunswick Power: Enbala worked with the utility to reliably and efficiently integrate wind power by leveraging connected distributed energy resources from a number C&I facilities to the Enbala Renewable Firming application. To date, the project has connected some 2,000 devices from more than 30 customers to deliver 10 MW of connected load controllable on a 15-minute operation interval. Enbala’s network response has successfully provided as much as 3 MW of energy capacity without disrupting the participating customers’ normal operations.
  • PJM Interconnection, the largest regional transmission operator (RTO) in the United States, is using the Enbala platform to offset the need for inefficient, traditional generation resources in frequency regulation. With the Enbala’s IT/OT solution, dispatch performance, a score calculated based on the three elements of delay, accuracy and correlation, has consistently come in at just under 90 percent. Market averages hover in the 70 percent to 80 percent range.

Apart from its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Enbala has offices in Toronto, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and Denver, Colorado. Enbala Power Networks is focused on making the world’s power grids greener and more reliable, efficient and predictable by harnessing the power of distributed energy.


Dec 19, 2016

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