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Electron Storage Inc., based in Teaneck, New Jersey, provides business and technology evaluations for investors, technology companies, and customers contemplating major energy projects. The firm combines decades of experience in real estate finance and management with decades of experience in advanced technology development and funding. For potential users or investors in energy technology, ESI provides expertise in the changing world of utility regulation, power purchasing, and power saving, storing and generating technologies. The company takes a holistic approach in evaluating the challenges surrounding a decision.

ESI’s approach is multi-faceted, combining practicalities of physical installation, technology assessment, real estate lease analysis, and capital raising. On behalf of investors in an existing major battery manufacturer, ESI looked at the investment opportunities in a new battery technology. Through site visits, discussions with management and the company’s advisory board and a review of competitive technologies, they evaluated the technology very positively, but ultimately advised against further investment due to concerns regarding the financing plan and the speed of market adoption.

For a real estate client with 8 MW of excess capacity above what was required to power their operations which were off-grid, ESI evaluated the issues; technical, operational, and economic involved in providing interconnection to the grid and merchant operation of the generators to provide power to an urban grid section needing additional power.

For a building owner wanting to enter the frequency regulation business, ESI evaluated the physical and economic issues of a proposed 1 MW battery frequency regulation system. Initial pro-forma projections left out power losses from the battery. For a major developing country solar developer, ESI provided an overview of battery storage technologies and key considerations for using storage. On behalf of an investment bank, ESI evaluated the business, technology, and team of a battery storage company providing peak shaving and demand response products

The principal of ESI is James Frederick Lavin. He notes that “Contacts we made through NY-BEST were critical to both sourcing work and successfully completing our evaluations for customers. We are proud to be a member of NY-BEST and it’s been essential to our work in the Northeast.”

In his real estate career, Mr. Lavin has negotiated the sale and financing of several billion dollars of real estate, and negotiated approximately 2,000 leases and license agreements. In the technology arena he founded and served as CEO multiple companies, including Switch and Data Facilities Co, the first nationwide carrier neutral data center company, Fireaway, Inc. the global leader in aerosol fire suppression technology, widely used in electrical installations, Ney-Li Pte, developer of ultra-efficient AC/DC converters, and he was instrumental in the successful IP and strategy reorganization of Arbinet. Mr. Lavin has been directly involved in the design and implementation of extensive electrical switchgear installations and was responsible for the development and fiscal structure of the first solar power installation on a high rise office building in New Jersey. Electron Storage maintains close relationships with companies providing metering, billing and utility allocation services and companies capable of doing efficiency studies, reports, and audits.


Dec 28, 2015

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