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EWI, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. The company provides applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to customers in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, energy & chemical, government, and heavy manufacturing industries. EWI’s core expertise is in joining, forming, testing, and modeling materials that enables it to provide manufacturers with practical, efficient, and effective solutions in product design, fabrication, and production.

In addition to the services and products available to customers on a per-project basis, EWI offers organization membership to help companies get the most from working with them. With direct access to a highly skilled technical staff, facilities, and library research services, members are able to solve their toughest problems, deliver higher quality products faster, and gain the competitive edge in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

Companies in the nuclear, battery, fuel cell, solar, grid storage, and wind sectors come to EWI for help with prototyping, design for manufacturing, testing, and technology transfer into the manufacturing environment. EWI’s services help to make advanced energy manufacturers more competitive by improving their processes to meet ever-increasing reliability and efficiency needs. When working to address challenges in the energy sector, the company leverages its multidisciplinary expertise in materials, computational modeling, microjoining, flexible automation and controls, and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) to deliver precision-engineered solutions

EWI works with advanced battery companies to develop and categorize battery assembly techniques for a variety of materials. For example, a start-up energy company developing a novel battery technology for stationary storage systems contacted EWI about reliably welding several system components. EWI’s support began with an in-plant assessment of processes used at the company’s new manufacturing facility. After executing a weld development program in its own lab, EWI helped transfer the new technology to the customer’s shop floor. EWI also assisted with the design of welded components, providing expertise on dissimilar material selection and design-for-welding. Finally, EWI helped establish a viable path from process development to prototyping, and then to the establishment of a subcontractor able to provide production volumes within one year. This partnership with EWI resulted in improved designs, increased process reliability, and the successful transition to high-volume production.

For battery systems, ultrasonic metal welding (UMW) is widely considered the best process for joining multiple layers of thin foils to a lithium-ion battery tab. UMW tools used to weld these delicate joints must be designed to minimize damage of the extremely thin foils while creating strong welds. In 2013, EWI developed and proved the feasibility of a novel UMW tool design which significantly improved the quality of these joints and allowed multiple-layers to be joined in a single operation.1 In addition, this tool facilitates joining without pre-consolidation of the foils and without the use of buffer material or thicker sandwich foils.

Michael Ulbrich, President of Buffalo Manufacturing Works operated by EWI (the home base of EWI in New York) notes "We are pleased to be members of NY-BEST as part of our mission to help innovation-driven organizations excel. Collaboration is key to driving transformative technology development and by partnering with our clients’ internal manufacturing, engineering and R&D teams, we help them deliver better products, grow and compete.”

EWI was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Ohio. It has locations in Columbus, Buffalo, and metro Washington, DC. The company also operates a number of consortia and cooperatives that act as hubs for the advancement of specific technologies and industries, all of which are designed to improve public/private collaboration, strengthen U.S. manufacturing supply chains, and make U.S. manufacturers more competitive on a global scale. EWI has full-size test labs and more than $40 million of capital equipment in its lab facilities. The company’s Associates – 150+ engineers, technicians, industry experts, and member advocates – help its customers address their process and production issues, and improves their competitiveness through manufacturing technology innovation.


Apr 7, 2016

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