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Eos Energy Storage, based in New York City, is developing battery energy storage technology aimed at providing an economical solution for grid storage. The company’s rechargeable ZnythTMbattery technology is designed to be low-cost, long-lived, compact and tolerant of harsh operating conditions. Eos is in the process of delivering its first prototype systems to eight global energy company partners to validate the performance and economic viability of its technology.

Eos’ core product offering—the Aurora 1000|6000—is a 1MW/6MWh integrated DC battery system consisting of Eos’ proprietary Znyth battery technology and battery management system (BMS) packaged within an ISO 40 ft. shipping container. Eos’ Znyth technology is a rechargeable zinc hybrid cathode battery employing a sealed, static-cell sub-module design and an aqueous, near-neutral pH electrolyte. Built on an intellectual property portfolio of 21 patents covering over 600 claims, Eos’ technology combines innovation in cell configuration and architecture, electrode materials and coatings, electrolyte composition and advanced battery management algorithms. A bipolar electrode design has been developed to optimize internal battery connections and eliminate the need for a membrane separator, cutting out a significant cost and a common source of cell failure. A number of treatments and coatings have been developed to create corrosion resistant current collectors that allow the system to be self-healing and extremely long lasting.

The goal for the Aurora 1000|6000 isto be the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) battery storage solution on the market. The system wasdesigned specifically to meet 5 key market requirements: low cost, long life, high efficiency, high energy density, and safety. The target cost is $160/kWh, which is half the price of lead-acid and one-quarter the price of lithium-ion technology. The system life is estimated to be 10,000 cycles, or 30 years assuming a daily charge/discharge cycle. Round trip efficiency for the DC battery system is 75% at full depth of discharge and as high as 85% in shallow use cases. Eos’ energy dense sub-module enables modular, compact design and flexible siting. The aqueous electrolyte in the system uses non-hazardous ingredients in an inherently safe design.

Eos is now scaling up its manufacturing operations with the support from NYSERDA. NYSERDA awarded $1 million to invest in equipment to increase commercial production of Eos’s innovative technology. The grant also supports performance and reliability testing of Eos’s Znyth battery technology at the BEST Test and Commercialization Center, in Rochester NY, which was established through a partnership between DNV GL and NY-BEST. This state-of-the-art facility will accelerate commercialization of Eos’s 1MW/6MWh Aurora energy storage system.

In 2012, Eos launched the Genesis program, which is a formal partnership with 8 global energy companies: NRG Energy, Con Edison, GDF Suez, Exelon, American Electric Power, National Grid, Enel, and Public Service Company of New Mexico. These partners – with over 350 gigawatts of generation capability – represent a tremendous platform for the introduction and ultimate widespread implementation of Eos’ technology. Eos has already shipped a 6kW/18kWh battery system for field testing with NYC-based utility Con Edison. The system is currently undergoing performance testing and validation at BEST Test & Commercialization Center. The following step will be to install the battery system for Con Edison at a manufacturing facility in the Bronx. Eos anticipates the full commercial production and distribution of the Aurora system to begin in 2016.

The business case for Eos’ energy storage technology is built on the need for ‘locational capacity.’ As load grows in certain areas, utilities have to build or procure new generation and delivery capacity to meet demand. Eos’ safe, compact battery solution can be deployed on a targeted basis and provide 4-6 hours of continuous discharge to help utilities ride through their system peak and defer or mitigate costly infrastructure upgrades. The business case for locational capacity is becoming increasingly relevant as load continues to grow and a significant portion of the country’s 30-40 year old generation fleet is retired.

Founded in 2008 after issuance of the company’s first patent, Eos has established itself as a leader in the nascent and rapidly growing energy storage industry. The company has a talented research and development team and its management has decades of experience in battery technology and building successful energy companies.Eos’ mission is to develop cost effective energy storage solutions that are not only less expensive than other battery technologies, but less expensive than the gas turbine systems that currently provide peak capacity.



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