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DNV GL, DNV GL provides classification, certification, testing and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries.  DNV GL operates in over 100 countries with 400 offices and more than 16,000 employees.  Over the years, predecessor companies KEMA and DNV have been trusted to provide quality business perspectives, technical depth and independent testing, inspections and certification, as the energy industry sought to address numerous challenges and opportunities. In 2013, DNV KEMA announced a new advancement in its evolution by unveiling the merger between DNV and GL – now called DNV GL. 

This new brand has united the rich heritage of five well-known entities -- DNV, GL, KEMA, Garrad Hassan and GL Renewables Certification.  With this change, the company continues to offer independent testing and insightful technical and business consulting support, but the scope of its services has expanded dramatically.  DNV GL can tackle the challenges facing the industry while its clients benefit from the innovation and experience in testing, inspection, certification and advisory services for which KEMA is known, wind certification from DNV and GL Renewables and Garrad Hassan’s leadership in renewable energy technology and implementation.

With a full complement of proven global services, DNV GL clients count on the company for strategic advice, planning, implementation and energy delivery optimization - from policy to use.  DNV GL clients gain unique insights on the design and development of energy markets with deep business strategies based on policy and technology developments.  Its expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations -- delivering results through proven implementation services, program management, and risk-managed technical services. And, as a leader in energy programs and measures, they partner with companies to achieve energy efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness goals. 

The company’s 3000 energy experts support clients around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply.. The company is committed to applying its global expertise and best practices to facilitate the continued movement toward a safer, smarter, greener world.  With operations in more than 30 countries, they offer local partnership with a global footprint.  The company invests approximately 5% of annual revenue on research and innovation and recently opened a Research & Innovation Hub, with smart grids and super grids as main focus areas.

DNV GL has taken a strong interest in the overall area of distributed energy resources (DER) in general, and in energy storage in particular.  The company has devoted a substantial amount of resources in helping its clients understand DER.  It views storage as a part of a DER family, and a type of technology that offers a unique set of performance characteristics that can be leveraged to optimize the electricity grid.

Hugo van Nispen, Executive Vice President, Energy Advisory at DNV GL says that “Energy storage is a key enabler for the transition to a reliable, sustainable and flexible electricity supply, especially as renewable and distributed energy are connected into the grid and become essential to a balanced energy portfolio.”

With respect to energy storage, DNV GL provides services in the areas of: strategic modeling and valuation of energy storage at all segments of the grid with a proprietary suite of tools such as ES-Grid (distribution), ES-Select (storage technologies),  KERMIT (wholesale grid simulation tool), and Microgrid Optimizer; traditional consulting on strategy, market, and technology analysis for manufacturers, utilities, and state/federal agencies; and testing and demonstration of advanced storage technologies.

Recently, DNV GL has used its modeling tools to support the State of California in assessing the impacts of large percentages of variable, renewable generation on the grid and, most recently, the cost effectiveness of storage for transmission, distribution, and end-use applications.  The analysis was used to help California’s storage procurement ruling, where the State has voted to deploy up to 1.325 GW of energy storage in the State.

Richard Fioravanti, Vice President, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Advisory at DNV GL states that “these services and simulation tools are a timely development to meet the fast-developing needs for energy storage estimation and management.   The tools allow us to tell utilities what they need to know.  We can show if, when, where, how large, and how to reach a payback point on energy storage investments.”

For NY-BEST members, DNV GL can support clients across the entire energy storage value chain.  The company is active in R&D of storage technologies, modeling of applications, field demonstrations, and testing.  Additionally, its Energy Advisory team leverages expertise across the whole of DNV GL, tapping into expertise from the maritime industry and its renewable advisory group.   It is this full set of capabilities that motivated NY-BEST and the State of New York (NYSERDA) to team with DNV GL to create an Energy Storage Commercialization and Testing Center in Rochester, NY.  The lab is scheduled to be operational in the 2nd Quarter of this year.

The BEST Test and Commercialization Center will provide the key missing elements necessary for product commercialization and growth in the energy storage business, including a suite of test, validation and independent certification capabilities to accelerate commercial deployment of energy storage technologies.  These capabilities—while vital to the commercialization of emerging technologies—are difficult for individual companies to procure, and not presently available in reasonable geographic proximity or at reasonable cost.  Through their partnership, NY-BEST and DNV GL will deploy shared resources to build a world class testing and commercialization facility and establish New York State as a powerful beacon to the world relative to developing and manufacturing advanced energy storage solutions.


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