Customized Energy Solutions Member Spotlight
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Customized Energy Solutions Ltd. (CES), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, assists clients in managing and staying ahead of the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets. CES provides solutions for a wide range of energy industry needs including data management, billing, forecasting/scheduling, customer acquisition and renewals, demand response management, power generation management, renewable energy management, energy market intelligence, congestion management, and more. CES was established in 1998 and has regional offices throughout the US—including in Endicott, NY—as well as international offices in Canada, Mexico, and India.

CES is a pioneer and leader in the energy storage industry. The company’s contributions have helped energy storage transform from a concept to viable commercial operation. For over a decade, the CES team has worked in the energy storage space—ranging from early-stage start-ups to large technology and project developers. CES’s efforts have since assisted with the creation of business and financial strategies, creation of new opportunities through advocacy support, due diligence for technology selection, and rules for interconnection and market participation. Most recently, the company was the lead consultant for the publicly available “State of Charge” report which involves an in-depth analysis of market opportunities for energy storage in Massachusetts and policy and program recommendations to help grow that state’s energy storage industry.

CES’s Emerging Tech team includes technology, market, and policy experts with a deep understanding of storage technologies. The team understands and translates the complex rules and business practices of the NYISO, and all North American RTO/ISO markets as they apply to energy storage resources. This team also supports the policy outreach of the Energy Storage Association in ISO/RTO markets. Through ESA, CES provides wholesale market expertise and advising to other energy storage organizations including NY-BEST.

Jacqueline DeRosa, VP of Emerging Technologies at CES states “CES has been involved in the NY energy arena for over 15 years. In fact, CES was the first to schedule an advanced energy storage resource into the NYISO Ancillary Services market. It is exciting to consider new possibilities for participation in NY’s evolving market design.”

Today CES provides market services (scheduling, settlements, dispatch, and data acquisition) that integrate over 100 MW of commercially operating advanced energy storage in the wholesale markets. CES’s practical experience with the day-to-day operation of battery and flywheel energy storage facilities in competitive energy markets provides the team with an experience base that sets CES apart from other providers.

CES’s Competitive Market Evaluation Tools for Storage or “CoMETs” is a suite of products that help technology and project developers evaluate and optimize energy storage for various grid connected and behind the meter applications. COMETs was born out of the need to understand the various value propositions that can be captured by energy storage technologies. The CoMETs models include:

  • Wholesale – an optimization model for grid-connected storage;
  • Frequency Regulation – a dispatch model that evaluates second by second dispatch signals to estimate performance scores and cycle life in each of the major ISO/RTO markets under FERC 755 Pay for Performance;
  • Behind the Meter Applications – a model that analyzes retail tariffs, demand charges, and demand response revenues.
  • Renewable Integration Model – a model that utilizes interval generation and load data to optimize the asset value and ROI, and,
  • Project Finance Model – a financial pro-forma model to determine the bankability and investment metrics of storage projects for banks, project developers, and equity investors.

Serving hundreds of clients, Customized Energy Solutions offers best-in-class hosted energy market operations platforms and services including energy storage market studies and analyses.

Nov 30, 2016

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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