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Custom Electronics, Inc.Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI), based in Oneonta, NY, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage capacitors and electronic assemblies.  CEI’s products serve the military, aerospace, industrial, commercial and medical markets and have been designed to meet the requirements of some of the world’s most demanding applications from aircraft power supplies to missile detonation systems.  As part of the company’s continuing diversification over the past decade, CEI launched its Power Systems Division in 2010, establishing capabilities in the design and manufacture of bus bar assemblies and energy storage solutions. 

CEI was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of top quality mica paper capacitors and tailored high-voltage assemblies and established a reputation for strict quality standards and superior workmanship.  The company’s capabilities have expanded to meet a wide range of electronic needs from customized capacitor solutions and highly complex bus bar assemblies to tailored electromagnetic components and printed circuit board population. Some of CEI’s customers include Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Champion Aerospace, Boeing, and Northrup Grumman.

Since the early 2000’s CEI knew diversification would be key to positioning the firm for long-term growth and sustainability.   In 2006 CEI launched an ultracapacitor company that eventually became, Ioxus, Inc. To this day, Ioxus remains the only fully integrated ultracapacitor manufacturer in the United States.

“We saw a need in the market for a device that helped solve the problems of response time and peak power associated with energy-hungry applications.  Ultracapacitors were relatively new to the market once we started research and development” said CEI’s CTO Thor Eilertsen.

“We are in the business of creating jobs and strengthening New York’s credibility as an innovation hub.  The spin-off of Ioxus serves as a baseline of how we incubate and develop business at Custom” stated CEI President and CEO Michael Pentaris. 

Recently the company acquired a magnetics firm to add more value operations in-house such as circuit board design and population.  Apart from capacitors, CEI’s products include magnetic pickups and speed sensors; coils, inductors and toroids; integrated electronic assemblies such as power supplies and transmitters; and bus bars for energy generation systems, power conditioning, and military and aerospace systems.

The launch of the Power Systems Division furthered CEI’s reach into the energy storage and power conversion markets.  The company believes there will be a growing need for more efficient power conversion systems in the near future.  As more green energy sources are brought on-line, the need for robust power conditioning equipment will increase exponentially.

CEI is a charter member of NY-BEST and through the years NY-BEST has collaborated on numerous projects with a variety of organizations and institutions.   NY-BEST has awarded CEI three grants since 2012.  On-going projects revolve around the researching and development of a graphene electrolytic capacitor, an improved ultracapacitor technology and high-temperature film capacitor.

“NYSERDA and NY-BEST have been great partners in the development of new energy storage technologies and commercialization activities” added Michael Pentaris.  “They are doing wonders to position New York as a leader in the energy storage industry.”  Custom Electronics is a vital contributor to that growing industry.


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