Combined Energies Member Spotlight
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Combined Energies LLC

Combined Energies (CE) is a startup based in Latham, NY focused on commercializing revolutionary, wide band gap-based, power electronics for energy storage, distributed generation and electric vehicle markets.  CE is addressing their customers’ need to convert variable, low voltage DC power to clean, high voltage DC or AC power with the lowest cost, highest efficiency solutions available.  Commercial power electronic solutions are not optimized for these markets, being uni-directional, requiring multi-stage voltage boosting and active cooling, greatly impacting system performance and increasing complexity, opportunities for failure and cost. CE believes that the right power electronics can profoundly advance the adoption of promising, sustainable energy technologies. 
CE’s universal power conversion line of products improve value propositions for energy systems in three ways: 1) ultra-high voltage boost that can exceed 10X in a single stage allowing the highest efficiency operation, passive cooling, smallest form factor and lowest cost of any available technology, while maximizing ROI and extending useful life 2) bi-directional operation for charging and discharging energy storage with a single circuit, simplifying system design, and 3) providing galvanic isolation, eliminating noise, ringing and voltage fluctuations from a source or the grid, improving system reliability and extending life. CE is expanding its intellectual property portfolio with U.S. Patents: 9,413,217, 9,906,039, 10,320,018, 10,404,071, 10,644338 and U.S. App. 62/879,745 and EU App. 17/180992 pending. 


CE’s initial 10kW and 30kW products are being introduced to the stationary and mobile energy storage markets.  The company is developing relationships with Li-ion, advanced lead acid and flow battery OEMs and currently has strategic agreements with two energy storage partners.  Follow-on products will engage distributed power generation, off-road and on-road vehicle markets.  While the team at CE is designing and packaging complete power electronic solutions, they will also provide power boards to OEMs, system integrators and installers allowing them to re-architect their solutions for performance and ROI without the barriers presented by currently available power electronics.  CE expects to enter into licensing agreements with select OEMs such as inverter or electric vehicle companies.


The management team at CE represents combined over fifty years of experience in developing and commercializing technology products for energy markets.  The company has leveraged NYSERDA funding in developing its core technology and to help establish its intellectual property portfolio. The three founders, Mark Sperry, Rhonda Staudt and John Vogel have extensive experience in the commercialization of cleantech products in both large company and startup environments. The founders have experience in research and development, operations, finance, sales and sustainability and have secured over $1.3M in New York State and private funding since the company’s inception and has put that money to work in the New York State high-tech ecosystem.



NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

230 Washington Avenue Extension
Suite 101
Albany, NY 12203

P: 518.694.8474