Citizens Energy Member Spotlight
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Citizens Energy Corporation, based in Boston, Mass., is a non-profit energy company founded in 1979 by Joseph P. Kennedy II, the eldest son of the late U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Citizens Energy’s mission is to make life’s basic needs more affordable by creating for-profit ventures like energy storage projects and channeling revenues to energy programs to help the poor.

Citizens Energy’s first ventures - in the oil trading, natural gas, electricity marketing, conservation, and prescription drug industries – helped reduce energy and medical costs for millions of low-income and working families across the nation and financed innovative social programs in countries where Citizens was doing business. As the company expanded, it continued to look for new ways to positively impact the world in line with its mission.

Kennedy left Citizens Energy in 1986 to serve 12 years in Congress. Since his return to the helm of Citizens in 1998, the company has embraced renewable energy development, creating ground-mounted solar arrays, wind farms, high-voltage green transmission lines, and energy storage projects across the country and using profits to build solar rooftop housing for the poor and low-income community solar projects. Citizens Energy has created several subsidiary companies to lead their project development efforts, including Citizens Solar, Citizens Wind, Citizens Transmission, and Citizens Storage & Microgrids. Citizens Energy hopes to leverage this expertise to expand their presence in New York State’s energy industry.

In the energy storage industry, Citizens Energy is striving to use its team’s entrepreneurial creativity to design, own, and build energy storage projects throughout the United States. Although Citizens Energy is a non-profit, it targets projects that provide a reasonable return on investment to support its charitable endeavors. Steve Bern leads Citizens Storage & Microgrids, and those who are interested in learning more about Citizens Energy’s energy storage efforts should reach out to him. Initially, Citizens Energy plans to focus on stand-alone storage, combining storage with renewables, along with microgrid opportunities with a focus on resiliency.

According to Citizens Energy, “NY BEST brings together industry experts and those interested in energy storage products in a unique and effective way. We are proud to be part of the group leading the energy storage revolution and hope to help influence members to think more about ways to include low-income households in the 21st-century energy future.”

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Dec 3, 2018

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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