Chroma USA Member Spotlight
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Chroma Systems Solutions, based out of Foothill Ranch, CA, is the self-described “world’s largest manufacturer of power conversion, electrical safety, and passive component test instrumentation.” With over 2,700 employees worldwide, it has the capability to provide complete turnkey test solutions across a wide range of industries. From defense, aerospace, and automotive technologies to renewable energy and medical device testing, Chroma products are providing consistent, accurate, and efficient measurements to the world’s leading R&D labs. With offices and manufacturing facilities located worldwide, Chroma is committed to excellence in product, customer relationships, and innovation.

Chroma products test:

-Battery chargers
-DC-DC converters
-ATX and other types of AC power supplies
-Fuel cells
-Photovoltaic arrays
-Point-of-load voltage regulators


Electric Vehicles and EVSE

In recent years, Chroma has begun to shift its focus more towards advanced, cutting-edge industries including renewable energy, batteries, and electric vehicles. Chroma’s new product lines have been adopted by major automotive manufacturers throughout the world. The company offers testing products in all four quadrants – AC input, DC input, AC output and DC output – which has allowed it to enter the EV market at many points throughout the electrified systems – from charging station simulation to BMS testing and everything in between. Their experience has allowed them to maximize the performance of these products, building them from the ground up specifically electric vehicle and associated component testing.


Chroma recently formed a specific team that’s dedicated to all aspects of battery testing – cells, modules, packs, BMS, etc. The company’s systems have power ranges from 100 W up to 1 MW, and from 60 V up to 1,500 V. The equipment is used in all aspects of prototyping, design verification, and end-of-line production tests. Without this type of equipment, battery manufacturers would be forced to spend a lot of time on testing rather than utilizing a turn-key system to provide quality control and performance verification.

Any questions about Chroma’s product offerings should be directed to Bob Dupre at They can provide a valuable service for many of NY-BEST’s member companies and fill a gap within the energy storage industry. According to Chroma, “NY-BEST provides Chroma the opportunity to gain insight on the industry and its requirements in order to provide the products and solutions to advance its development.” These interactions help Chroma to stay up to date with the specific needs of companies in New York’s energy storage industry.

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Jul 11, 2018

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