Charge CCCV Member Spotlight
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Charge CCCV LLC (C4V), based in Binghamton, New York, is a startup company specializing in technology development and commercialization of next-generation Li-ion batteries for energy storage. In particular, the company is working on drop-in replacements for cathodes, anodes and separators for lithium ion batteries. C4V has discovered, patented and is now commercializing these enhanced materials by applying material science research and has established a supply chain in Southern Tier New York to produce lithium ion batteries.

The company’s initial technology came about from experimentation of its co-founder Shailesh Upreti. Dr. Upreti’s work involved integrating synthesized natural minerals to electrochemically active systems to produce lithium rich composite materials to greatly enhance their lifetime. C4V technology involves molecular and crystal level modification of chemistry via lithium substituted synthetic minerals to produce composite materials. Apart from the lifetime enhancement, Charge CCCV’s technology also provides increased storage capacity, rapid energy absorption, and reduced heat during charge/discharge as well as in the event of fire.

The new materials are drop-in replacements for existing materials, which means that manufacturing processes as well as the production floor do not need to be changed to incorporate them into existing battery designs. C4V’s current market ready technology doesn’t involve any expensive or toxic elements such as cobalt or nickel, which makes the product greener from manufacturing point of view as well. The company is currently focusing on the establishment of a North American supply chain along with creating a New York based manufacturing eco-system.

C4V recognizes that battery manufacturing is very capital intensive and therefore has chosen to bring its product to market by setting up a supply chain in New York. This has allowed various companies that have the available infrastructure to work together and participate in the value chain right from the basic level (material manufacturing) to the end product (pack manufacturing) before C4V takes these batteries to market. The strategic entry market for C4V is stationary storage, however the automotive market also represents an attractive opportunity for the company’s technology. C4V is currently gearing up toward delivering prototype batteries to selected potential end users.

Shailesh Upreti notes that “Binghamton University in particular and this whole region in general have played an important role in the development of various powder based technologies. C4V was founded to take advantage of the extensive knowledge base that already exists here, particularly with regard to the applying that knowledge base to battery manufacturing. The technology we continue to develop is carved out from a platform technology and there are a wide range of opportunities for local companies to participate in the growing supply chain serving both major and niche markets.”

C4V received initial assistance of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Partnerships at Binghamton University and it is located in the Center of Excellence building on the campus. It was established there as one of the recipients of funding from New York State’s START-UP NY program, which creates tax-free areas associated with colleges and universities across the state.

Jun 22, 2016

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