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The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) is a private, not-for-profit regional economic and business development organization focused on capitalizing on the unique assets and strengths of New York's Capital Region. CEG works to enhance the Region's competitiveness by helping to attract high-tech talent and companies by providing a variety of services to local businesses in New York's 11-county Capital Region and Tech Valley. The overall goal of CEG is the economic development of the Capital Region and the establishment of Tech Valley as a leading innovative business ecosystem.

CEG serves as the designated Regional Technology Development Center (RTDC) for the Capital Region and is one of nearly 350 NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (MEP) locations across the country. As such, CEG is charged with assisting local manufacturing and technology companies generate new sales, create stronger operational infrastructure and overcome barriers to growth.

The organization focuses on innovation-driven, technology-based industries—such as the semiconductor, biotechnology, and clean energy clusters—as core industries that will help regional communities, businesses and quality of life to compete and to thrive. CEG advances these industries’ growth by attracting strategic investments; improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem; advocating for an education and training infrastructure that meets the needs of advanced manufacturers and today’s workforce; providing business growth services to manufacturing and technology companies; and preparing communities for economic expansion.

The renewable energy industry is an important area of focus for CEG and this includes battery energy storage. The organization sees it as an industry in which the Capital Region has the resources and assets to compete and thrive. In order to target industry sectors of focus, CEG has a global technology industry attraction program,which includes an initiative called NY Loves Clean Tech. Part of this enterprise is a consortium of like-minded economic development organizations, industry and academic partners from across the state that have come together to promote the growth and development of the renewable energy industry in Upstate New York. Through a comprehensive marketing strategy,NY Loves Clean Tech connects the renewable energy industry to the R&D, academia, financing and robust supply chain in New York.

CEG also supports the clean tech industry through its membership in industry groups such as ACE-NY and NY-BEST, as well as participating in and sponsoring various conferences hosted by these organizations and others. “CEG finds our membership in NY-BEST to be a valuable partnership for us as we continue to work with and attract companies in the renewable energy and battery storage sectors to our region,” said Jeffrey Lawrence, Executive Vice President of the Center for Economic Growth. “Attending conferences and tradeshows not only in NY but across the country enables us to identify possible partners and resources for members of NY-BEST as we work to help foster growth of the energy storage industry in New York,” he added. “The energy storage industry is poised for growth in the coming years, particularly as it relates to opportunities for partnership with the solar industry, and it’s an exciting time to be working with NY-BEST as we both advance our agendas to further promote development of high-tech industry sectors in New York.”

Through its business growth services programs, CEG works with a multitude of small to mid-sized manufacturers, including those in the clean energy industry such as Paper Battery Company. The organization also works through its entrepreneurship initiatives (such as Accelerate 518) to identify cleantech start-ups, and to provide supply chain assistance for companies. CEG, as a contractor to the NYSERDA Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) program, supports clean tech and advanced battery companies by identifying resources and opportunities with NYSERDA as well. CEG is a powerful and valuable resource for the energy storage industry in New York.

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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