NY-BEST Member: Cadenza Innovation
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Founded in 2012 CADENZA INNOVATION is aiming to deploy its disruptive, high–performance and low–cost battery technology into its extensive global network. With an initial focus on electric drive and energy storage markets, the company's innovation and design experience is augmented by top–tier partnerships to drive accelerated product deployment. Eager to partner with other key technology and product movers and shakers, Cadenza Innovation is positioned to take advantage of current market drivers:

• Specific, immediate, large need in US and EU auto industry to meet CAFE standards by 2016;

• Grid and community energy storage is emerging globally;

• Lead acid replacement market is wide open for new low–cost and lighter batteries;

• Large multi–national western players now recognize having missed the boat to Asia in electric storage;

• US and EU defense industries demand step–up in storage for silent operation and portable power.

The Cadenza innovation technology represents the highest performance and lowest cost in the industry and at the same time enables product design needs not previously realized by other players.

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