Viridi Parente Member Spotlight
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Viridi Parente, located in Buffalo, NY, is the parent company of Green Machine Equipment, Inc. and Volta Energy Products, Inc. The companies were founded in January 2018 to fulfill the clean energy vision of Jon Williams. On the whole, these companies form one of the most exciting developments in New York’s energy storage and electric vehicle industries.

Led by long-time Buffalo resident Jon Williams, Viridi is committed to developing a clean energy company based in an impoverished area of Buffalo, to help aid the city’s transition from its industrial heyday to a more modern and flourishing city. They built their facilities in the former American Axle & Manufacturing Plant, which closed in 2007. Set in Buffalo’s impoverished east side, Viridi has been working hard to ensure that their success will benefit the city’s residents who need help most.

Green Machine Equipment, Inc.’s main product is its patented and proprietary battery pack, and the in-house knowledge and hands-on experience to modify the pack for various applications. Currently, the pack is used in three market-ready applications: the e240, e210, and elt1140. Both the e240 and e210 are mini-excavators (weighing 8,500 and 2,100 lbs, respectively), and the elt1140 is our second generation light tower and gen-set. Green Machine currently retrofits machinery from several manufacturers and all of the work is done in-house at their East Delavan facility in Buffalo, NY. In less than a year, Green Machine has attracted customers that range from construction companies to utilities, including NY-BEST member National Grid. Green Machine is working to secure contracts with the existing equipment manufacturers to begin selling Green Machine’s retrofits through their existing sales channels.

Volta Energy Products, Inc. focuses on the lithium-ion cells that form the building blocks for the Green Machine battery packs and researches new solutions that can improve battery pack design and performance. Currently, Volta offers cutting edge 150 Wh and 180 Wh cell modules, as well as state of the art 18650 battery cells. Much of Volta’s executive leadership came over to the company from Boston Power, including Joanna Turtletaub, Volta’s VP of Cell Development, Phil Partin, VP of New Product Development, and JR Linna, President.

On the whole, the most important product Viridi offers, and the key to every other piece of our research and development is their battery pack. Obviously, lithium-ion technologies have existed for some time, but rarely before have packs been tested as thoroughly as with Viridi. Using a proprietary and patent-pending battery testing protocol, they are able to develop some of the safest, most durable battery packs on the market. This creates a true replacement and upgrade for standard fossil fuel powered options in applications on the grid and in heavy-duty vehicles. For backup power and grid applications, Viridi is currently offering the rps140 LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™ Clean Power Supply System, a fully scalable alternative to fossil fuel-fired generators as a backup power solution.

According to Viridi’s General Counsel, Nick Williams, “A relationship with NY-BEST is essential as Viridi begins to enter the backup energy storage space. The connections and networking available through NY-BEST are invaluable, as well as the access to, and ability to have a positive impact on, the regulations and laws which will enable the backup energy storage field to expand.”

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Sep 26, 2018

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