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CSA Group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a global testing and certification provider and a leading standards development organization. CSA Group’s services include standards development, training and advisory solutions, global product testing and certification, and product performance evaluation. CSA Group provides global testing and certification services for a wide range of product categories including batteries and energy storage systems, hazardous location and industrial, transportation, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting, and sustainability.

CSA Group is also a global provider of consumer product evaluation (“CPE”) and inspection services designed to help accelerate supply chains, increase product sales, build customer satisfaction and lower product return rates. CPE testing projects include supplier evaluation, competitive benchmarking, and performance testing to customer protocols, just to name a few.

CSA Group is committed to public safety, sustainability, and social good by encouraging innovation, product safety, and education. The organization actively promotes sustainable living and is a recognized expert in electric, low and zero emission vehicles, energy storage, smart grid applications, and transportation fuels.

In the battery and energy storage arena, CSA Group provides testing and certification to a wide variety of standards for the U.S., Canada and worldwide. These include UN transportation testing for lithium batteries, battery cell and pack standards such as IEC 62133 and UL2054, and energy storage standards such as UL1973. Testing can be conducted at CSA Group’s Cleveland, Ohio ES facility or witnessed at approved client or partner test sites throughout North America and the world.

With regard to energy storage systems, low volume and unique installations may be required to undergo a Special Inspection (“SI”) in Canada, or a U.S. Field Evaluation (“USFE”), which can be provided by CSA Group. Under these on-site verification programs, an experienced inspector will review component certification and test documentation, evaluate the actual field installation in most cases, and provide a label indicating compliance with applicable codes and requirements.

Jim Green, Global Business Manager for Energy Storage at CSA Group states that “the SI/USFE program is becoming increasingly important as energy storage systems begin to be installed in large numbers. Local authorities can rely on the expertise of CSA Group to provide an extra level of review and inspection to make sure these unique and hazardous systems comply with applicable codes and requirements. The local authorities ultimately control the approval of the system, but more of them in the U.S. are relying on the third party inspection system, and it can also provide additional confidence for the system manufacturers.”

For NY BEST members working with new battery cell, pack, or system designs, CSA Group can provide a complementary service to what is offered at the NY BEST Test and Commercialization Center. This might include battery certification, overflow testing for additional capacity, and abuse test capabilities for cells and modules. Abuse testing includes mechanical shock and vibration, environmental testing, electrical abuse such as short circuit and overcharge testing, and mechanical abuse such as impact and crush testing.

Zekarias Bekele, Technical Advisor for Batteries, Chargers, UPS, and Energy Storage Systems at CSA Group adds “Another important service CSA Group provides is what we refer to as a Technical Information Service, or TIS. During this process, we review customers’ designs at an early stage to help them understand what standards are applicable and what tests are required or might be waived. We can’t provide direct design consultation, but we can help clients to better understand what their requirements are, which makes the entire certification process faster and less expensive.”

CSA Group has always been committed to sustainability and leaving the world a better place for generations to come. It has led the way in the development of leading standards for sustainability and provides worldwide services in testing and certification of sustainable products. In the last decade, CSA Group made investments in labs and developed standards to encourage the adoption of new sustainable technologies and to help make the world better for future generations.


Jan 8, 2016

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