Brooklyn SolarWorks Member Spotlight
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Brooklyn SolarWorks in a turnkey solar installer focused on New York City’s flat roof residential and small commercial market. The company was founded in 2015, and, after several years of growth, they have turned their attention in 2018 towards the residential battery storage market. Their transition will begin in earnest upon the release of FDNY’s new fire code, expected in the Spring of 2018.

Brooklyn SolarWorks prides itself on its willingness to experiment and adapt to meet the needs of diverse urban customer classes. They believe that this distinguishes them within an industry that, historically, has evolved to engage the needs and opportunities of lower density, suburban markets.

Brooklyn SolarWorks’ experience in the solar industry has provided them with a background working within FDNY and DOB rules and regulations. They were able to address the City’s Fire Code clear path and setback requirements through the development of their BSW solar canopy. This canopy elevates the solar panels 9 feet above the roof, and is fundamentally changing projections on how much solar can be installed in dense cities like New York City.

Their experience and knowledge gained from working with FDNY and DOB regulations will likely prove invaluable as they shift their focus towards the residential energy storage industry. While many other solar installers working in New York City avoid the challenge and uncertainty of pursuing battery models, BSW is actively following local developments and advocating for favorable policies that will help build the market for distributed residential storage. With their level of focus and prior experience working within FDNY regulations, Brooklyn SolarWorks is well positioned for a successful year as they continue to move into the energy storage industry.

“Batteries are a tricky thing to figure out here in New York City and State, with many factors critical to market development still shrouded in uncertainty. Our confidence in the future business potential of onsite batteries for our residential customers continues to grow. This is in no small part due to the educational and advocacy work of NY-BEST. They are an invaluable actor in this emerging space, one that anyone serious about participating in it now or in the future owes a large debt to.” – T.R. Ludwig, CEO, Brooklyn SolarWorks.

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Feb 15, 2018

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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