Braemar Energy Ventures Member Spotlight
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Braemar Energy VenturesBraemar Energy Ventures is a New York-based investment firm dedicated solely to making technology investments in alternative as well as traditional forms of energy.  Skilled energy-industry veterans who have been successfully investing in the energy technology arena since the mid-1980s founded the firm in 2002. Several of the firm’s principals had already worked together previously and saw the opportunity to bring together their diverse experiences to form one of the preeminent firms dedicated solely to venture capital opportunities in the energy sector.

Braemar’s overall viewpoint is that the convergence of a wide number of political, economic, environmental and other forces is driving investment in new technologies that serve the trillion-dollar global energy markets. The firm believes there is s a major role for small, innovative companies — either on their own or through partnerships with large, established energy corporations — to create competitive solutions to address the most pressing issues the Industry is facing.  Braemar seeks to take advantage of this large market opportunity by identifying, investing in and partnering with the best of the new breed of energy and energy-related companies.

Energy storage is an area of significant interest to Braemar because of its broad applicability across multiple markets.  Storage applications include micro, portable, transportation and large and small stationary loads.   In general, the firm looks for opportunities where an innovative technology has been developed that can supplant current solutions and enable new potential applications.

According to Bill Lese, a managing director at Braemar, “The pressure on the trends supporting energy storage is constantly growing as society moves increasingly toward higher use of digital devices, hybrid/electric transportation and transient forms of energy such as wind and solar.  All of these needs continue to escalate and the creativity being applied to the problems has never been better which has led to a number of bold, innovative early stage ventures in these sectors.”

Two storage-sector companies that are part of Braemar’s portfolio are Ioxus and Solicore.  Ioxus -- based in Oneonta, NY and a member of NY-BEST -- manufactures premium performance ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets.  Its family of ultracapacitors is uniquely optimized for high performance with low resistance, ideal for delivering high power bursts for acceleration, energy recapture, peak load shaving and high power applications.  Solicore is a leader of embedded power solutions, offering its Flexion product portfolio of advanced ultra-thin, flexible, lithium polymer batteries for powered cards, RFID, and micro- medical devices.  

Overall, Braemar’s principals have invested in more than 60 companies in the energy sector and have more than 100 years of combined technical, operational and financial experience in energy and energy-related industries.  Braemar partners with exceptional companies and management teams that can contribute to a more profitable and efficient energy landscape through innovation and marketplace expertise.  Its goal is to bring promising young companies into the larger energy world and guide them to reach their full potential.  Having worked with many early-stage companies, the principals at Braemar understand the challenges that young companies face and provide invaluable counsel on longer-term issues, allowing management to focus on daily operations.

As a venture capital firm focused entirely on energy technology, Braemar brings a vital capability to the mix of companies, research institutions, and other diverse entities that make up NY-BEST.  Capitalization and skilled management are a critical part of the evolution of New York State as a global leader in the growing energy storage industry.


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