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Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC (Bond) is a full-service law firm counseling individuals and innovators, private companies and public corporations, not-for-profit enterprises, and public sector entities in a wide spectrum of legal areas. With a thorough understanding of laws and regulations in the areas of business law, environmental law and intellectual property law, Bond attorneys provide clients with practical, business-oriented advice.

Bond views the energy storage industry not as an industry unto itself, but rather as an adjunct to several of the sustainability industries which are related by a common theme of non-depletive use of resources in general, and natural resources more particularly. Bond will participate in and contribute to the energy storage industry’s progress in a support role to innovators, and ultimately to viable and sustainable enterprises by providing counsel and guidance consistent with each entity’s mission, focus, objectives and goals.

Bond’s Primary Areas of Service to the Energy Storage Industry Include:

1. Business Law – Entity Formation, Contracts, Transactions, Benefits, and Tax Matters
2. Environmental Law – Facility Siting, Operations Advice, and Regulatory Compliance
3. Intellectual Property Law – Patents and Trademarks, Technology Transfer and Licensing, and Intellectual Property Litigation

Alek Szecsy, Registered Patent Attorney and Of Counsel at Bond observes that: “The future of the energy storage industry appears to be quite bright.”

As a graduate student and as a postdoctoral researcher Dr. Szecsy studied electron transfer reactions which may relate to certain types of batteries. Currently, as a patent attorney, his knowledge and skill in the chemical and material sciences is often invaluable in understanding and defining the scope of a technological advance for which intellectual property, (i.e., typically patent) protection may be desirable. Dr. Szecsy has particularly enjoyed the opportunity to assist in advancing the state of knowledge in the energy storage industry through collegial contact, communication and collaboration with many dedicated professionals of various disciplines.

With a total of 265 lawyers and patent agents, and 9 offices across New York State – as well as offices in Naples, Florida and Overland Park, Kansas – Bond represents clients in a diverse range of business areas. The firm is dedicated to teaming to collaboratively provide its clients with legal advice and the business know-how to prosper in an ever-changing economy. Bond attorneys and patent agents subscribe to the highest professional and ethical standards, and live the firm's values by providing leadership in community activities, pro bono work and service to the Bar.


Aug 15, 2016

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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