Board of Directors 2020 Election

The NY-BEST Annual Meeting and Capture the Energy Conference will be held on August 5-6, 2020, at the Albany Capital Center in Albany, New York. During the Annual Meeting on August 5, the NY-BEST membership will elect eight Board members to fill expiring Board of Director seats. The NY-BEST Nominating Committee is seeking nominations from individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors for NY-BEST. Any employee of a NY-BEST member organization in good standing, including an incumbent Board Member, is eligible to run for the Board.

NY-BEST is proud to have an active and engaged Board of Directors. Below please find the specific Board responsibilities outlined in the NY-BEST bylaws:


  • All Board members are expected to actively engage in Board meetings, consortium development and participate in at least one Board committee.
  • In-person Board meetings are held four times each year, along with additional teleconference Committee and Board meetings, as necessary.
  • Board members are elected for two-year terms (except in the case where there is a mid-term vacancy) with approximately half the director positions up for election each year.
  • NY-BEST is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization and the NY-BEST Board is a fiduciary Board that is responsible for the overall governance of the organization. All Board members are required to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy and sign a statement agreeing to comply with the Policy.
  • The Board is comprised of members from three categories: Industry, Academic, and At-Large.
  • Board members are uncompensated; however, travel and out-of-pocket costs for attending any in-person meetings are reimbursed.



Industry Category – 3 seats for election, currently held by:

  • Matt Fronk - Matt Fronk & Associates LLC
  • Christina Lampe Onnerud - Cadenza Innovation, LLC
  • Doug Staker - Enel X

Academic Category – 2 seats for election, currently held by:

  • Paul F. Mutolo - Cornell University
  • M. Stanley Whittingham - State University of New York

At-Large Category – 3 seats for election, currently held by:

  • Fouad Dagher - National Grid
  • Michael G. Field - Raymond Corporation, Division of Toyota Industries
  • Damian Sciano - Con Edison

Board of Directors Candidates - Industry

Matt Fronk & Asscoiates LLC
Enel X
Convergent Energy & Power LLC
Cadenza innovations
SimpliPhi Power
Accencore LLC
Aestus Energy Storage
Blueprint Power Technologies, Inc


Board of Directors Candidates - Academic

Electric Power Research Institute
Cornell University
State University of New York


Board of Directors Candidates - At Large

National Grid
Raymond Corporation
Consolidated Edison

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