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Battery Nano Technologies (BNT), based out of Macomb County, MI, is an early-stage lithium-ion battery (LIB) company focused on making materials innovations in the cathode. At the core of their technology, BNT is replacing the traditional carbon conductor in the LIB cathode with alternative salt(s) and introducing foam as the substrate, in order to improve battery safety and increase energy density.

The Battery Nano Technologies team is led on the research and technology side by their CTO, Dr. Binay Prasad, while their business development and related work is led by CEO Pallavi Prasad, experienced financial services professional with a background in private equity. The company was restructured under this new management in 2018.

Dr. Prasad developed the BNT IP after a career working with electrode substrates across all types of battery chemistries. Dr. Prasad discovered the superior performance characteristics when using a high porosity electrode through his work on aviation batteries in the 1980s. This discovery formed the basis of his post-doctoral work at the University of Michigan and the IP behind BNT.

BNT’s key technological advancement increases the safety of lithium-ion batteries, making them more suitable for use in densely packed urban areas, like New York City. The alternative salt in lieu of a carbon conductor suppresses heat release and therefore limits the gas generation that could ignite the battery. This is valuable because it introduces an internal thermal control mechanism at the cell level with no performance degradation.

Battery manufacturers presently use expensive external thermal controls such as liquid coolants and safety vents to control heat generation in battery packs. Given the growing importance of battery safety and the codification of standards for batteries, it is becoming increasingly important for battery manufacturers to ensure that their systems include the necessary safety mechanisms. BNT’s cathode technology could diminish the need for external thermal controls allowing manufacturers to reduce system costs and increase the energy density of battery systems.

BNT is a participant in NY-BEST’s BRIDGE Program, and according to CEO Pallavi Prasad, “NY BEST is a first mover in identifying energy storage as a key enabling technology in the transformation of the electric grid. Because of their vision, commitment and vast network of resources, BNT greatly values their relationship with NY BEST and hopes to play a major role in helping NY BEST achieve their Energy Storage Roadmap targets.”


Aug 23, 2018

NY-BEST New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium

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