Ashlawn Energy Member Spotlight
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Ashlawn Energy is a flow battery manufacturer based in Springfield, VA, that was founded in 2008. The company manufactures their VanChargTM vanadium redox flow battery in the United States and has previously received funding from the United States Department of Energy. Ashlawn is a growing company with a team of 12 to 15 employees, whose areas of expertise range from electrical and chemical engineering to project developers.

Ashlawn Energy provides its VanCharg™ vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system, supporting demand management, demand response, and integration of renewable energy sources. The system is scalable and can be designed to serve almost any customer, ranging from commercial & industrial end users to transmission & distribution investment deferrals on behalf of the utilities. According to Ashlawn Energy’s website:

“VanCharg™ is an electrical storage system (battery) that stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity. VanCharg™ reduces electricity costs and cuts carbon emissions by allowing customers to "beat the peak" and store less expensive and less polluting power produced at night for use during peak hours.

VanCharg™ safely holds megawatt hours of electricity for milliseconds to months and has been called the 'missing link' required to safely connect massive solar and wind farms to the electrical grid.”

Beyond their advanced flow battery system, Ashlawn’s biggest strength is their project financing. Ashlawn works with customers to develop financing options that work for them, on a case by case basis. Ashlawn has experience working with PPAs, shared savings models, and a variety of other options to make energy storage a possibility for any customer. They have their own group of investors with whom they have built strong relationships and leverage these relationships to get projects built throughout the country.

Ashlawn Energy is fully committed to empowering communities through sustainable energy solutions. Their VanCharg™ system enables communities to achieve energy resiliency, reduce greenhouse gases, and incorporate renewable energy more productively. Their commitment to sustainable energy solutions is beginning to pay off, as energy users and utilities increasingly turn to their company for better energy solutions.

According to Ashlawn Energy’s President and CEO, Norma Byron, “NY-BEST helps catalyze Ashlawn Energy’s growth by posting procurement opportunities and policy updates, testing, and providing project advocacy and support.”

 Dr. Imre Gyuk, the DOE Director of Energy Storage Research, and Norma Byron, President of Ashlawn Energy.

Dr. Imre Gyuk, the DOE Director of

Energy Storage Research,

and Norma Byron, President of Ashlawn Energy.


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May 16, 2018

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