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AppliedLogix, based in Rochester, NY, is an engineering firm that specializes in the development of embedded systems, electronics and applications. With a highly experienced team composed entirely of expert-level technologists, AppliedLogix acts as a “silent partner” to expand customers’ teams and capabilities. The company’s engineering team has significant expertise in various industry domains - including medical devices, automotive, imaging and telephony markets. In the energy space, AppliedLogix has significant capabilities developing battery and fuel cell management systems, power conversion electronics, high voltage safety systems, microgrid control systems and custom instrumentation. It has participated in designs with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune-500 OEMs, including NYSERDA-backed projects.

AppliedLogix has over a decade of combined experience on diverse electronics projects in the fuel cell and energy industry. The company’s team can guide system-level architecture development, seamless integration of sensors, transducers and actuators, signal conditioning and filtering, signal processing and real-time control for high-voltage, high-current applications. Over the last 18 months, AppliedLogix has designed and delivered several fuel cell control subsystems, including projects for a Tier-1 automotive manufacturer.

Fuel cell, battery and energy-handling systems often impose unique safety and reliability requirements. AppliedLogix team members have worked on safety-critical rail, aerospace, medical and automotive projects, and have developed specialized skills to analyze and design systems that meet stringent integrity requirements. AppliedLogix designs have also excelled in harsh environments - both physical and electrical - with excellent results during extensive durability and reliability tests.

A Tier-1 automotive OEM approached AppliedLogix with a concept and early prototype of a high-performance engine sensor for alternative-fuel powertrains. The OEM needed product engineering and short-run production to support ongoing engine development programs. AppliedLogix assisted with development of product and system architectures, provided ongoing on-site support, and completed all hardware and embedded real-time software implementations. The AL team took the lead on short-run production, design verification testing, completed HALT analysis, and stayed hands-on during integration of the new sensor into test stands and engines. In the end, the customer received a high- performance, extensible design for a safety-critical data acquisition and processing system. Built units are deployable in engineering test cells and mule vehicles at the company's proving grounds. Thanks to collaborative engineering by AppliedLogix, the customer's team is equipped to continue to evolve the design and support scale-up to production.

The company’s experience with automotive fuel cell control systems is extensive. This includes developing a microcontroller-based under-hood subsystem to monitor, aggregate, and communicate full-stack cell voltages in real-time; developing an building a highly-integrated, under-hood controller providing FC high-voltage monitoring and fail-safe power distribution; and implementing a high-precision FC full stack simulator, including the embedded hardware, 
firmware, and desktop GUI. This custom simulator can both capture and playback (or 
synthesize) a full stack of actual cell voltage behaviors. This unique subsystem enables 100% repeatable, automated testing of stack control electronics.

David Rea, partner and engineering practice leader for fuel cell and energy systems stated "The AppliedLogix team has decades of combined experience working on electronics for fuel cells, batteries and energy-related systems. Partnering with NY-BEST has helped us contribute to the exciting developments in the energy storage industry, and grow our expertise even further."

AppliedLogix is a 100% partnership, founded "for engineers by engineers." The company carries very little overhead and hires only seasoned "top 5%" engineers who self-organize around projects and all work from home offices and/or client sites. In this way, the company keeps overhead as low as possible, allowing it to offer very competitive rates - both locally and in the national market. AppliedLogix works with clients in Rochester, Western and Central NY, and beyond. The AppliedLogix team can extend an existing engineering group with additional skills or manpower, or act as a client's "electronics department" by sourcing turnkey electronics from concept to prototypes and production support.

Apr 14, 2015

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