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Amber Kinetics has developed the world’s first 4+ hour flywheel system for both utility and micro-grid scale applications. The Amber flywheel stores electricity in the kinetic rotation of a large steel rotor. To date, other flywheels have been used commercially for short duration UPS back-up power and frequency regulation. Amber is the first company to engineer and patent a large-mass, all-steel flywheel rotor and an innovative motor design to extend energy discharge duration to 4+ hours for high-value capacity, energy, and ancillary services in the electricity market -- a cost-effective, low environmental impact reservoir of energy. The flywheels can support industrial microgrids or, grouped into large arrays (similar to solar PV panels), can scale up to tens or hundreds of megawatts for solar + storage or standalone utility-scale energy storage. The Amber Kinetics M32 model, which provides 8 kW capacity and 32 kWh energy, is being deployed with early customers including Hawaiian Electric, Enel, Emerging Power, EEI Philippines and West Boylston Municipal Light (in Massachusetts). The M160 model, in development now, will generate 5x more power (40 kW|160kWh) at roughly half the cost per kWh and will require only 1/5 of an acre of open land per MW of installed capacity.

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